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Branimir 11-01-13 04:26 AM

Ronde Cyclo anyone?

Anybody from Yurop interested in this one? Last year it featured 16 000 cyclists on three courses, 80km, 140km and 240km. I'm planning on taking a 140km route, don't feel like riding 10 hours heh...

The course is basically either full or abridged version of this years Ronde van Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders), so it's mostly flat with steep hilly cobbled sections.
There are feeding zones, a repair car also, so it's mostly lightweight cycling I guess, no need for tons of equipment for this one.. And this is not a competitive race, it's just a ride for fun.

I'm coming from Croatia, if anybody is interested we can meet up and have some beers ;) And 140km heh

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