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the engine 11-07-13 11:47 AM

First 200k brevet ...
I completed my first 200k brevet this past Sunday (Central Jersey 200k) ... with double knee replacements. Amazingly, I felt better in the last 50 miles than I did in the first 75. I'm hooked ...

Planning on my second brevet on Dec. 7th.

ThermionicScott 11-07-13 04:14 PM

Congrats, gotta love endorphins. :thumb:

the engine 11-07-13 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by ThermionicScott (Post 16228098)
Congrats, gotta love endorphins. :thumb:

Thank you.

Yes, endorphins ... and this route was pretty flat, and I'm used to training in the hills of northwest New Jersey.

I was hanging with a guy, who's longest ride before this one was 50 miles. He made it!! 75 miles farther than his previous longest ride. Our finishing time wasn't great (12:15), but we finished inside the cutoff ... more importantly, he finished. We took longer breaks than I'd normally take. Actual saddle time was 9:32.

Homeyba 11-07-13 09:07 PM

Finish time is irrelevant as long as you finish in time and you don't care. :) Glad you had a good time.

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