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Pakiwi 11-22-13 04:56 PM

East Coast Century 2014
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I am getting back to riding after a long break and want to ride a century next year on the East coast. I live in PA. I have done four centuries many years ago and will be riding the same bike I did when I last rode a century 10 years ago. I am up for a challenge as during the last 10 years I have entered the Clydesdale group and will spend the winter on the trainer. I have upgraded the components from 600 to Ultegra 6500 9 speed but moved from a triple to 54 /39 on the front and went from 7 speed 12 - 19 to 12-27 on the front. Any info or guidance appreciated.

noglider 11-22-13 05:13 PM

What questions do you have, specifically?

Where in PA are you? I have some friends in PA I ride with from time to time. Some of us do one or more centuries a year. I know one guy who does a century every month!

Pakiwi 11-22-13 05:28 PM

Is there a list of centuries by area somewhere. I saw the reference to the Civil War Century but noticed it was quite a bit of climbing. Just looking for century ride information so I can get one booked and have a date to aim at.

unterhausen 11-22-13 07:09 PM

unfortunately, you probably aren't going to find too many centuries in PA without a lot of climbing. where are you in PA? In Eastern PA, you might be able to find flatter centuries in New Jersey

Pakiwi 11-22-13 08:30 PM

I'm ok with some climbing. Just would like something that isnt all hills. I'm ok traveling. I live near Gettysburg.

lungimsam 11-22-13 09:23 PM

You can bail at the 62 mile mark they say and head for the finish if the hills get too tough on the CWC.

Or, do the Seagull Century in Salisbury MD. Utterly flat on the Assateague course from what I remember except for the bridge you cross just before the 63 mile mark.

A very pleasant and flat ride.

JimF22003 11-23-13 02:29 AM

There are tons of organized centuries just south in MD, including rides out of Boonsboro (San Mar Century), Cumberland, or in WV (Shepherdstown). I don't know where there's a master list or anything. Here's just one resource. There must be tons of others:

Pakiwi 11-23-13 05:41 AM

Excellent info. I will take a look at those resources. Hopefully by the time I ride I will have plenty of hill work done on my loops I ride

dwmckee 11-27-13 10:53 PM

I rode the Blue Ridge Bridge to Bridge century in NC a few years back. I wish I could fine one near me in Western PA though.

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