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easyupbug 11-23-13 08:10 AM

First foul weather for El Tour de Tucson in 31 years history
First time I can remember the race dealing with anything worse than some wind. As I got deep in my 60s I had to quit El Tour and this is the first year to be thankful. Weather is horrible, rain and gusting wind. Big run on weather gear at the shops. Visitors saying they did not bring gear as they never have needed it. Please let this be a safe El Tour.

Beast Mode 11-24-13 05:37 PM

I rode in the 107-mile El Tour de Tucson this year. The weather was horrendous. It never stopped raining. I was very cold and soaked from the beginning, forcing me to pull out of the ride at the 40-mile mark due to hypothermia. I was ice cold, and my heart rate started dropping. I couldn't feel my fingers; they turned blue. My mental focus started decaying and I became confused. I was near the front at this point, so I am sorely disappointed at being forced to withdraw.

The ride organizers rerouted everyone around the first wash crossing (Santa Cruz River). I had to quit before the second wash (Sabino Creek), but I heard they did not reroute for this one. The fast riders were able to ride across, but the slower riders were forced to wait for the water level to subside or withdraw. I think a lot of people are really angry about this; it was really poor planning.

And the worst of all of it? A 78-year-old man driving his Nissan Leaf in a bicycle lane hit a 59-year-old El Tour cyclist from behind, killing him.

vision646 11-25-13 04:26 PM

I rode the 107 mile event, it was wet (but looking at the weather report I knew this would be the case) and a bit cold at 50F. Overall though I really enjoyed this event and look forward to it next year. Hopefully it will follow the lead of the previous 30 editions before this year and skip the rain, if not I'll still ride. No regrets.

easyupbug 12-10-13 01:22 PM

Checking in with friends and family who rode, two had symptoms of hypothermia at the finish and it was not expected. Gear was clearly an issue, soaked to the bone was a common complaint.

lhbernhardt 12-13-13 04:51 PM

El Tour is one of the events on my list. Wished I'd ridden it this year! 50F (about 10 deg C) is NOT cold, even with rain. It's pretty standard for late fall/early spring in the Pac NW. As they say, there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Yeah, if you try to ride with short sleeve jersey and arm warmers, you WILL go hypothermic once you get soaked. Base layer, jersey, rain jacket, and long tights (with shoe covers) and an extra pair of dry long-finger rain gloves (or two, to change into at about half distance) plus a cap under the helmet would have been quite sufficient.

And of course, nobody would have had fenders, so you're getting extra water off your front wheel onto your chest, off the back wheel onto your lower back, and off the wheel in front of you onto your face and arms. And a lot of modern synthetic chamoise get quite uncomfortable when they are wet - you need to put some kind of lotion on them in wet weather.

If you do get caught in this type of condition and you don't have the clothes, there's nothing for it but to either flag down the sag, or get together a pace line and just go as hard as you can to generate some body heat & get the ride over with. The last thing you want to do is to roll easily. Your core temperature will go down and you WILL go hypothermic!


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