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PlanetU 11-25-13 09:55 PM

Hoodoo 500 Stage Race - New for 2014
For 2014 and beyond, the Hoodoo 500 will offer (in addition to the non-stop race for solos and teams) a three day stage race over the entire Hoodoo 500 race route. Day one is about 203 miles with an overnight stop in Escalante. Day two is about 171 miles with an overnight stop in Panguitch. Day three takes you back to St George in about 143 miles. Timed each day. Fastest combined time wins! Solo men and women and 2-Person Relay teams.

There's also a 300 mile race and a 300-mile 2-Day Stage Race which covers the first and last parts of the Hoodoo 500 route.

Far and away the best ultra distance race route in the USA! Incredibly scenic, super challenging and very reasonable entry fees!

Come join the fun in Southern Utah! August 22-25, 2014.

PlanetU 02-19-14 09:38 PM

ATTENTION FEMALE RIDERS! The Hoodoo 500 is offering women's teams in all divisions and solo racers a 15% discount on registration during the month of February only. Coupon code is GirlPower

delbwhite 03-13-14 09:42 AM

I'm doing the Solo 300 and I'm trying to get more details on the route. I was able to find a breakdown of the climbs with average grade, but I was not able to find more details (max grade, length of max grade, etc.).

Any suggestion other than going to UT and riding it :-)

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