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cdat12 01-13-14 09:50 AM

I apologize if this has been discussed in detail, I've tried to go back and read all of the older posts in order to learn, and not to repeat the same questions over and over.

As I get into long distance endurance rides, I've become curious about races like RAW and RAAM. In order to learn more about these types of races, and what is required to complete them, I would like to work as a member of a crew. How does one go about volunteering and getting ones name out as interested in serving as a crew member. I'd like to try crewing for a "RAW" effort 1st, before committing myself to a 10 - 12 day trip across the US, any thoughts or suggestions. I have no specific talents other than I plenty of experience driving large vehicles.


StephenH 01-13-14 04:19 PM

Where I have seen those opportunities pop up is on Facebook, randonneuring-club message boards, and through personal contact with people they already knew. A lot of these ultraracer people know other racers (and support people) all across the country.
Probably work best to volunteer for something less critical (ie, shorter) if possible. IE, the 500-mile type races that require follow cars.
The ideal candidate would also be a bike mechanic that doesn't need much sleep, but sometimes I think it comes down to warm bodies.
Some of the events can also use volunteers- no relation to crewing, but still a learning experience.

Homeyba 01-13-14 07:24 PM

I don't know if you can get a PM or not but I'll try sending you one. We're looking for crew for a 4 man team. Should only be 6 days (or possibly less). No specific talents are required except the ability to get along with weird people. ;) It'll give you a pretty good idea what it's all about.

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