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nd2010 04-19-14 11:41 AM

I biked 75 miles yesterday, longest ride of the year, without feeling tired
I haven't gone far on my bike this year so far. My average ride length was 10-15 miles and I only did a few. But yesterday I rode 75 miles without a hitch. Didn't get too tired or sore at the end. I felt like I could have kept going to 100 and beyond. I know the average person can't ride that far without training.

I wonder why that was. I'd think my endurance would have dropped off after a long time without a long ride. For the past several years, I'd average over 100 miles a week in the summers. Last summer I rode at least 2 centuries in a month, and my biggest ride was a 300 mile, 4 day trip from NJ to Boston.

johnread 05-18-14 07:05 AM

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Wow! Congrats to you! Like you, most of my rides are shorter distances, but the odd 70-100 mile ride is a great confirmation of increased fitness and stamina. It's tempting to compare yourself with other riders, but I find the most satisfaction when I compare myself with myself. Comparing last ride to this ride; last week to this week; today to last year. When I measure progress like that, I find bicycling most joyful.

StephenH 05-18-14 07:31 AM

I find that how I feel along in a ride like that has a lot to do with pace, with temperature & humidity, and with wind. Yesterday was a "tough" ride as I was the slow one in the group, and it was constant challenge to keep up- but it was probably the fastest 200k I've done in the past year. Several years back, I did a ride that was fast and easy and I could never repeat it- as best I could tell, I actually had tailwind both ways.

tea_kettle 05-19-14 07:32 PM

That's great, good for you :)

Lamabb 05-22-14 07:09 AM

Was it easy flat or rolling terrain with little to no wind? That's pretty impressive that you held on to your fitness from last season so well, I can't say the same every new year. Sometimes when I do other exercises like running, I find it easier to maintain bike fitness even when I'm not riding. My guess is that you do some other sort of exercise.

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