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sorensomand 05-02-14 03:11 PM

Tapered alu/steel/carbon fork that takes front panniers?
I'm having trouble finding a fork to replace the Enve CX Disc fork on my Warbird TI.

I need some front panniers for this summers adventures.
I've got the Thule Pack'n'Pedal tour racks, but I am a bit concerned about putting weight on the Enve fork.

So, a tapered steerer disc fork with either mid fork eyelets or canti studs for mounting a rack.
And one that doesn't mess up the Warbirds geometry.

I've found an alu one on a Stevens bike, but they wont sell it to me separately.

Chris_W 05-05-14 12:24 AM

That's going to be really tough to find. A had a look at a few sources and manufacturers that I know of, but couldn't find anything that meets all of your criteria.

skidder 05-07-14 07:23 PM

Is it the steerer tube on the fork that's tapered on the Warbird, or the headtube/headset in the Warbird's frame (larger bottom bearings, but it'll still take a standard 1 1/8" steerer)?

IF its the latter, try looking at the Soma Saga, Soma Double Cross Disc, the Surly LHT Disc, Surly Straggler. All are steel forks, will take a disc brake, and have mid-blade rack mounts. Might have to call Soma about the Saga fork, as its not listed on their website as being a separate item from the Saga frameset.

Jalm3yda 07-09-14 04:50 AM

Did you found a solution for this problem!.. I have exactly the same dilemma on my warbird ti, I want to fit a rando bag, and the thule rack looks like a good solution, I'm just skeptical to put it on the enve fork... Cheers

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