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tea_kettle 05-11-14 08:46 PM

150km 14 hour bike ride - 4 hours prep - picture heavy
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I decided I would go and test myself again. Instead of traveling south I would go west. I traveled from Saskatoon to the Borden bridge and past it. I did a lot of off road travel, and dirt roads which accumulated and extra 55km on top of the 100km I traveled on the highway. The best thing I like about my mountain bike is being able to lock and unlock the front air suspension, brilliant.

Here is what I brought with me in terms of food. I pressure cooked 5 egg plants and about 7 gai lan (chinese cabbage) along with a red pepper pasta sauce. That equaled 1.5kg in a freezer bag. Last time when I went on my 315km bike ride I brought along fresh pasta which went rancid(fermented) after 11 hours on the road. The other bag was 1kg of blueberries which I completely consumed. 2 Gatorade's and three red bulls (One I didn't drink). 1L of water and a protein shake(mixed with Beta-Analine) drink, which was very satisfying. In total with extra inner tube and pump etc bag came to 23lbs.

Picture of the river.Picture of my steed on a dirt road, picture of my bike a long river on a snowmobile/grass path. Picture of the train bridge which runs parallel with the Bordon bridge (about 5km away). Bike on train bridge. I'll post some video later. It was pretty cool, except for that nasty gap which took me by surprise. I love my 29in tires, gobbles up holes without complaint. Some reason forums wont save pictures in order, oh well.

10 Wheels 05-11-14 08:50 PM

Thanks for the nice pics.

tea_kettle 05-12-14 07:51 AM

np :) haha

jimc101 05-12-14 08:21 AM

Looks like an awesome place to ride, would probably limit the Redbull, have found the to give a great sugar rush, but they have a related crash as soon as it wears off, so if I have one on a long ride, I try to have it as near to the end as possible.

tea_kettle 05-16-14 07:41 PM

Thanks :) I drink it to keep me peddling lol. I know what you mean though, the roller coaster ride to the bottom when it metabolizes/wears off.

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