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FightingIrish 08-14-20 02:04 PM

Grad Student - Cycling Research
Hi Everyone! I am a graduate student in the ESTEEM program at the University of Notre Dame. As part of my capstone project research, I am looking to understand the cycling community, and identify where the cycling industry can improve and where there are areas to innovate. If you have about 15 minutes to spare, I would greatly appreciate it if you could take my survey, posted in the comments below. Additionally, all data collected is confidential and is analyzed in bulk. Thank you in advance for your help!

FightingIrish 08-14-20 02:09 PM

I guess I am not allowed to post URL's until I make some more posts, so stay tuned

Edit: Here is the link -

shelbyfv 08-15-20 06:04 AM

If you'll type it w/o the https someone will post the link for you if it isn't spam.

Garfield Cat 08-15-20 06:46 AM

You might go to the electric bikes forum to see what's going on there. It may be that the electric bike sector has a very high rate of growth. That means more chances for innovation.

The buyers of electric bikes, who are they? How to capture more of the market for those who already ride a standard mechanical bike.

More specifically, the road bike riders who typically take a dim view of electric bikes. Until when? Until there's that little motor hidden somewhere that some of the professional riders were accused of using. That little motor is the difference on long ascents where attacks typically are staged. Road riders like to push their bodies and pretend they're professionals.

skier 08-18-20 05:42 PM

You do realize the "how much did you spend on ..." is going to be really skewed getting responses from those on a cycling forum?

rumble b 01-11-21 06:11 PM

FYI - The survey is no longer accepting responses.

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