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datlas 10-06-13 11:21 AM

I am still ok with PBK. Their sales on items like GP4000s tires can't be beat.

Shipping ranges from a week to a month to USA. May be customs fault.

Bottom line is if you need something ASAP look elsewhere. If in no rush, PBK may be a good choice.

datlas 10-06-13 11:24 AM

OTOH I ordered some items from Alex's cycles in Japan on Wednesday and they came on Saturday, 3 days from Asia is pretty fast.

SpeshulEd 10-06-13 11:30 AM

For what it's worth, I waited 2.5 weeks for a small part that I ordered from a private seller on amazon. They probably won't be getting a good review. (actually, I'm too lazy to review, so they won't get anything).

gc3 10-06-13 11:39 AM


Originally Posted by Bob Dopolina (Post 16136970)
This is the issue.

Once orders hit customs it is a black hole. Shippers have no control, access, influence or anything else. Even tracking numbers can dry up. This is the bane of our existence on occasion.

Maybe so, but everything I've ordered from your site has arrived in 3-9 days.

PBK sux let's all just admit it....

datlas 10-06-13 12:29 PM

Too much axe grinding of late.

rjones28 10-06-13 12:32 PM

Does anyone even own an axe anymore?

MingusDew 10-06-13 12:37 PM


Originally Posted by rjones28 (Post 16137424)
Does anyone even own an axe anymore?

If you live somewhere that you actually have a fireplace and chop wood for it yourself then yes, you probably have an axe :)

unterhausen 10-06-13 12:41 PM

I have a maul, which looks like an axe. I don't think there is much point in grinding it though. I have considered the utility of a lightweight camping axe, but I think that I might get in too much trouble if I kept it in my jersey pocket

rjones28 10-06-13 12:44 PM


Originally Posted by MingusDew (Post 16137430)
If you live somewhere that you actually have a fireplace and chop wood for it yourself then yes, you probably have an axe :)

Chainsaws and log splitters around here.

MingusDew 10-06-13 12:49 PM

I have a chainsaw, but my axe and hatchet get plenty of use too :) ... I'd love a log splitter, but since I live in a townhouse I don't really have somewhere to store it when not in use. Someday ... someday ....

telebianchi 10-06-13 01:33 PM

I had a hatchet but it is buried now.

HigherGround 10-06-13 03:02 PM

I wouldn't hold your breath on better service from Nashbar. It once took them over three weeks to send three in-stock items from Ohio to PA.

rangerdavid 10-06-13 03:16 PM

I hate "axe to grind" threads............


datlas 10-06-13 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by rangerdavid (Post 16137763)
I hate "axe to grind" threads............


Did someone axe for your opinion??!

joe4702 10-06-13 04:27 PM

Have had good luck with Merlin Cycles lately.

Ordered a RockShox fork on a Monday night, it showed up that Thursday afternoon.
Kudos to both Merlin and UPS International.

Custom MTB wheelset took a little over a week including build time, beat the best US price I could find by about 20%.

Slowest was a Respro high-vis backback cover sent via Royal Mail to USPS - took about 13 days.

I stopped using PBK a ways back after 2 incidents of credit card fraud immediately after placing an order.

kleng 10-06-13 05:22 PM

+1 Merlin cycles is great, really good prices on some items

I ordered something from PBK in July, they have only just sent it.

giantcfr1 10-06-13 07:18 PM

Every order of mine took either 5 days or 6

Slackerprince 10-06-13 07:47 PM


Originally Posted by rjones28 (Post 16137424)
Does anyone even own an axe anymore?

I ground mine into a ball bearing. ;)


Nihilum 10-06-13 08:21 PM

If you're waiting more than 10 business days for any orders from the UK, simply put a stop payment on your card. Or dispute it by filing a claim of unreceived merchandise with your CC company. Secondly, no the government shutdown does not include customs, they are considered essential personnel since every imported item goes through customs (or is supposed to).

Warning: If you stop payment, many CC carriers will flag the company so that you can't use your card to purchase from them again.

Bob Dopolina 10-06-13 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by gc3 (Post 16137314)
Maybe so, but everything I've ordered from your site has arrived in 3-9 days.

PBK sux let's all just admit it....

Thanks for your business.

We spent A LOT of time working on shipping this year. For smaller orders we go Fedex (and eat any "funny charges" from them) and with larger orders we go EMS. One thing we have seen is that when you ship a lot of "gifts" to try to avoid customs you can get red flagged.

This may be why these shipments sometimes take so long.

evtee 10-06-13 10:38 PM

Their shipping to Canada is extremely consistent from my experience. Items usually arrive in less than 2 weeks.

willawingwong 10-06-13 11:08 PM

I used to love them last fall/winter. I bought most of my DA 9070 parts there. After they got bought out, I had three instances where my order was never delivered. They refunded me each time but had I had to wait 30 days to even ask for a refund then it was another 1-2 weeks from there to get the refund. February was the last time I had a positive experience with them. If they could be as good as they used to be, I would go back. If people start posting consistently that PBK is reliable again, then I'll return as a customer.

p1eman 10-07-13 02:02 AM

Not much of a rant was it? I should obviously learn to appreciate being English more. Didn't realise the stuff was so in demand! Will have to take orders next time I travel lol

AristoNYC 10-07-13 03:20 AM

Shipping is slow but prices are always good on stuff I buy. I know that I am getting slow free shipping from the UK. If you can accept the slow shipping I don't see the problem. If you can't, spend more money and buy domestic distributor.

MingusDew 10-07-13 04:20 AM


Originally Posted by MingusDew (Post 16137195)
They sent me an email apologizing for the delay. But I doubt I'll ever order anything from them if I actually need it in a timely manner. My friend said he waited 6 weeks for his pro 4's ... I'm waiting going on 4 weeks now for mine. Good luck :lol:

After posting this yesterday, this morning I got an email saying my order shipped. They shipped from a town 45 minutes away, so they'll be here this afternoon. ***** and complain, and thou shall receive :thumb:

Nevermind. I posted that before I drank my coffee or hit the gym, so I was still half asleep ... my CHAINLOVE order that I placed YESTERDAY shipped and will be here later today ... PBK still hasn't shipped my PRO4's ... good thing I don't need them ;)

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