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BiketoFeel 01-20-14 08:57 AM

Shimano Deore XT HT-M770 Rear Hub -- Don't Buy
Failed after about 2500 miles. Rebuilt and failed again in another 2000.

bikemig 01-20-14 09:02 AM

What do you mean failed? The cones went bad?

BiketoFeel 01-27-14 06:32 AM

No. The first time, I was changing my cassette and while holding on to the cassette body I spun the wheel but the cassette body didn't freewheel. It didn't do it all of the time but I've ridden a fixie and didn't want my freewheel to become a fixie unexpectedly. So, I replaced the cassette body with a new one. After about 2000 more miles the cassette body started seizing up. I was unable to determine why it seized.

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