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digibud 01-21-14 02:59 PM

Fairwheel Bikes Ethics
My first encounter with Fairwheel Bikes (tucson store and online presence) involved me asking to try a saddle. I picked out a Romin and they basically said, "OK, try it for a few days and let us know what you think.". I gave them a credit card and they said, "" problem. We don't need that". I handed them my drivers license and they weren't concerned about it at all. They explained that they had a good clientele and trusted me. No credit card, no drivers license needed. Wow.

Then just the other day I sent them an inquiry about wheels. I'm a 195lb rider and was concerned about my 20/24 wheels on my Roubaix and had worked up some higher spoke wheels as a consideration and I asked for their opinion. They could have easily sold me some expensive wheels but their reply explained that in general the wheels on my Roubaix were made for heavier riders than I and that in all likelihood were fine. (they have been true over the last 10,000 miles) They then explained how the hub I had spec'd was good but probably overkill and suggested that if I wanted new wheels they could certainly build them but I might also want to consider a very good but less expensive hub that would be more easily serviced.
They had every opportunity to not make either point and thus increase the chance of a higher end sale but apparently they are a very ethical, reasonable, trustworthy bike shop.

If you're ever in Tucson, I'd certainly recommend them as a very reputable dealer and if you're looking to spec some wheels or other items at I think I can say with certainty you can trust the folks to deal with your questions honestly and ethically.

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