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HawkOwl 01-25-14 01:33 AM

Customer Oriented or Not?
If you put an email contact address on your web site do you actually monitor it? Do you reply to inquiries sent to you via that email address? Or, do you ignore those emails? Or, maybe not even check to see if anyone has sent you one?

I travel a fair bit. Recently I had another case where a bike shop had an email contact address on the web site but did not respond when I sent an email to that address. It didn't bounce, my ISP is good about notifying me of bounces.

Someone suggested that if there wasn't a response to the email I call. There is a time zone problem. But, more than that I have learned that businesses that don't monitor emails when they have said to contact them that way are a pain to do business with. They are never customer friendly. They almost uniformly behave as though the only way they want my money is if I beg them to take it.

So, if you aren't interested business from me and people like me at least save us some time and effort. Take the email contact info off your web site. But, if you would like the business; then at least look at the emails once a day and respond to them all; even if all you say is that you can't help. Maybe you can next time.

It is your profit, or not, I'm just trying to help.

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