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Jaaa91 02-27-14 06:22 AM

Bicycle touring survey, final year uni project
Hi guys, i'm currently studying graphic design in Bristol, UK, and for my final year project I have decided to look into bicycle touring. After completing my first tour last summer (Calais to Santander) I fell in love with the idea and want to persuade others to do the same.

If you could fill in this short survey for my market research I would be very grateful.

I'm aware that asking about bike touring on a bike touring forum may lean to some biased results, however I am also sending this survey to other places to get more varied results, also feel free to send this to friends, family etc.

Thanks in advance,

Machka 02-27-14 06:31 AM

Just for fun, and before this thread gets moved, I did the survey.

But it lead to one big question ... what's the point of the survey? There are several of you "graphic designers" putting up these surveys in one form or another just now ... but what's the point? What information are you looking for? What problem do you intend to solve? What's the product you want to sell? The survey itself was very short and very vague.

Jaaa91 02-27-14 07:30 AM

Hi Machka, firstly thanks for filling in the survey! This is an initial survey to get a broad range of responses about what people find enjoyable / not so enjoyable about touring, and also their perception of the subject. From this I may find a common problem or issue people have with touring / the idea of touring which I can then try to tackle graphically. As for what I am trying to sell, I don't know yet, if anything at all, the original aim for my project was to raise awareness around the subject and promote it to people who haven't thought about it before (so admittedly, I may get more interesting results from people who haven't been or have little knowledge of the subject, however its important to get results from experienced people too.)
I understand the survey may be quite vague however that was intended to appeal to a wider audience and to get a feel of the subject initially before creating a more focussed questionnaire which will deal specifically with a problem or issue that arises from this one.

Curious to see where this will be moved / what the problem is with it being here?

Cyclebum 02-27-14 07:43 AM

You might want to post the survey here.

Jaaa91 02-27-14 01:37 PM

Cheers for the suggestion Cyclebum, will do that. I've also noticed where this post should be, however I can't move it myself (mods?) Thanks to everyone who's filled in so far.

Machka 02-28-14 01:13 AM


Originally Posted by Jaaa91 (Post 16531582)
From this I may find a common problem or issue people have with touring / the idea of touring which I can then try to tackle graphically.

For example??

I've toured quite a bit, but one difficulty I have is the weight of the bicycle and gear ... and I actually travel relatively light. How might you solve that graphically?

And ... do you plan to share the results of the survey?

skimaxpower 08-11-14 11:57 PM

Would love to read about what you learned...

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