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lungimsam 03-05-14 07:38 PM

Is Ben's Cycle a good company to deal with?
I don't know anything about them other than they have some very nice prices on components I am interested in.
But before I buy I was wondering if they are a reputable dealer.

Thanks for any info!

JanMM 03-05-14 08:09 PM

This dealer in Milwaukee?

wahoonc 03-05-14 08:14 PM

If it is the Milwaukee dealer, no problems. I have ordered several items from them, prompt shipment of the items ordered.

Aaron :)

hueyhoolihan 03-05-14 08:40 PM

i've dealt with them and have no problems. they sell some discounted items and i always am extra careful to read the description on ANY discounted items in as much as there is usually a good reason for it to be discounted. often nothing more than it is slow selling item that the public has shown little interest in.

they are one of my Googlee's when i'm on a spending spree...

Mr. Thompson 03-05-14 08:51 PM

I placed another order with them yesterday. Great folks to deal with and a wonderful collection of parts & gear. Save your shipping label as it often has a discount code that's good for a couple of more purchases.

JohnDThompson 03-05-14 10:18 PM

Agreed. Ben's in Milwaukee is reputable.

Bent Bill 03-05-14 11:02 PM

There a good shop been in there shop on several occasions
Big shop good service
Whether your a serious rider, casual rider, or a hipster they can help you

no1mad 03-06-14 12:22 AM

Moved from General Cycling.

caloso 03-06-14 12:31 AM


jimsschwinn 03-06-14 11:21 AM

I ordered a rear track wheel from them a while back, set up flip-flop for $59. When it got there, they had sent me a front AND a rear wheel. I called to ask them what was up, and they just said "Keep it, it's our mistake, not yours. Enjoy!".

That's my experience with Ben's.

2_i 03-06-14 01:04 PM

Ordered 3 times from them. Except for some glitch with their website in the past, no problems whatsoever.

carfart 04-01-14 09:33 AM

I've also had good experiences with them. They've especially been a good place for me to locate less common quill stem sizes and metal fenders.

Barrettscv 04-01-14 04:31 PM

Yes, a good seller who knows the business.

awfulwaffle 04-01-14 05:33 PM

Definitely. Just went there the other day for some handlebars after I realized everything I was looking at on ebay was from them. Great shop, great atmosphere, and when I was picking out a set of bars the guy helping me was kind enough to provide a tour of their warehouse/ebay business area (actually only half, as the store's actually 2 buildings across the street from one another). Would definitely trust them for an online order.

jhess74 04-03-14 09:27 AM

They're a great shop, highly recommended - I've bought tons of stuff there over the years with nary a complaint.

rms13 07-08-14 07:47 PM

Old thread but great great company. Bought several things from their website and always great prices and experience

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