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darraman 03-15-14 03:11 AM

Fulcrum Racing Quattro vs Shimano RS80 C35

This will be my first wheel purchase ever (newish cyclist). My Shimano R500 which the bike came with needs replacement (rear wheel got severely damaged).

So I want something that is lighter than what I have, but I want to spend less than $400-$450. I do like how the 35mm rims make the bike look, so therefore the choices, and the Fulcrum is significantly cheaper (GBP200) at the moment than the RS80s (GBP 500). But then the RS80 C24 sneaks into mind as it is significantly lighter but stil GBP350

So I need advice on these 3 options whether I shoud stretch the budget or go for the lighter wheel over the Fulcrum Racing Quattro. Or will the Fulcrums be a noticible upgrade over my R500s while saving me a bunch.

I do funrides (like the Argus) and live in hilly country but I do not chase the podium. And please, do not mention hand builds, I ould like to stick to the Pros and Cons of the 3 wheels mentioned, thanks. I am 78-80kgs.


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