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Plant 06-06-14 12:32 PM

How ThorUSA saved Father's Day
For Father's Day, my wife bought me a Dahon MU P8 cloud, brand new, still in the manufactures box from a bike store that is not an authorized Dahon dealer. The bike store had acquired the MU P8 in a trade in. Unpacking the MU P8, I found a part for the seat post clamp quick release missing. Since the bike shop is not a Dahon Dealer they could not help me get the part and since I'm the second owner the warranty is apparently void. I was unable to call the Dahon manufacture by phone. Local Dahon Dealers did not seem interested in helping me out since I had not bought the MU P8 from them. I then searched online and found ThorUSA. I made one phone call to ThorUSA and talked to Thor and he shipped me the missing bike part FREE OF CHARGE. Two days later I received the correct part and I was riding my new MU P8. Thank you Thor, for your time and generosity helping out a stranded biker. I can highly recommend ThorUSA. Thor did not ask me to write this post!

RPK79 06-06-14 12:39 PM


Originally Posted by Plant (Post 16827589)
Thor did not ask me to write this post!

With a name like Plant that's hard to believe. ;)

Seriously though, it's good to see good customer service even when the customer isn't a customer since later they might become a customer... or something.

Plant 06-06-14 01:42 PM

Thanks for the reply. Good customer service seems so rare! I was so delighted in dealing with ThorUSA after days of frustration trying find the replacement part. I took it upon myself to write about my experience here.

Sorry about the name.

no1mad 06-06-14 10:34 PM

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