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rms13 06-25-14 02:52 PM

Don't buy from discountbicycle603 on ebay.
They sell open box/used items as new and are difficult to deal with for returns.

I purchased a Shimano 7 speed freewheel listed as new. Got the correct packaging but the part was a 6 speed freewheel in the box. Been going back and forth for days with the seller where they basically are asking me the same questions that I already answered and have not offered any resolution.

Should have read feedback on seller because they have a track record of selling used items as new

They are also a brick and mortar store Berman's Bicycle in Keene, NH

rms13 07-07-14 08:23 AM

Just to update the situation. I resolved this situation with the retailer. It turns out that the packaging had the wrong retail label put on it. The factory box was for 6 speed freewheel which is the correct part that was in the box but it incorrectly had a retail label marked for 7 speed. So it was an honest mistake and I was able to work with them to get the correct part.

2_i 07-07-14 10:14 PM

Thanks for the update.

Siu Blue Wind 07-07-14 10:32 PM

Good to hear, thanks for the update.

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