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sarals 09-26-13 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by valygrl (Post 16105874)
Sara, check the rules, I don't think there are any upgrade points available for TTs.

I'll be in Marin for work next week, and I'm going to do Levi's Gran Fondo while I'm there. Can't wait! I'll try to talk my sister into doing Mt Tam the other day, but I think she'll be tired, she's been training for a marathon and not riding that much.

I've not been training all month, with the floods and a trip to VT to visit the M.I.L. I gained 4 pounds. :( Diet started yesterday.

Oh, I know that, Valygrl. Crits and mentored races. That's what I'm looking for.

So that's where that four pounds I lost last week went...sorry! ;)

Racer Ex 09-26-13 06:46 PM


Originally Posted by valygrl (Post 16105874)
Sara, check the rules, I don't think there are any upgrade points available for TTs.

This. 3 is either by points, or by x-number pack finishes, which is pretty much just finishing as there's no real credible reporting as to "pack".

sarals 09-26-13 09:54 PM


Originally Posted by Racer Ex (Post 16107737)
This. 3 is either by points, or by x-number pack finishes, which is pretty much just finishing as there's no real credible reporting as to "pack".

And, I have 2 whole points! Only 28 to go!!!! Yay.

caloso 09-26-13 10:39 PM

FWIW, I upgraded to 3 on top 10s, but I don't know if that is an option any longer.

Hermes 09-26-13 11:01 PM

Installed the Garmin Vector today and it worked perfectly. Testing is tomorrow.

Attended a Roger's Session at Velo Sports Center and did some easy spinning.

There is now 8 in the GMR 55+ and two registered in the p/1/2. The p/1/2 should be a cage match. Two men go in and one comes out.

Allegheny Jet 09-27-13 02:07 PM

I elected to skip riding yesterday, then didn't have enough time this morning after doing last minute things at my wife's request. We currently are sitting on a taxiway in an airplane during a 45' delay. No riding for 17 days. I hope to get a few workouts in using exercise bikes. I may even look into the ships spin classes.

Hermes 09-27-13 03:15 PM

Have a great time on your trip. Eat lots.:D

Hermes 09-27-13 05:33 PM

Went for a short ride along the coast in Newport Beach to test out the Vector Power meter. It is a picture perfect day in SoCal and MEA and I are enjoying a week long vacation.

Our ride started out with the Edge 500 saying that the static calibration of the Vector PM failed. I called Garmin and the fix was a hard reset of the 500. The 500 can create a corrupt file the first time it is used with the Vector. The reset fixed the problem. I suspect that a software update will be needed to permanently fix the problem.

The installation of the Vector PM was pretty straight forward as detailed in the DC Rainmakter article. One noteworthy limitation of the Vector is that it does not support non round chain rings - at least not yet.

sarals 09-28-13 11:00 AM

Rode with my training partner BJ on Thursday. She's in good form for the Huntsman Games, which start next week. I gave her a good run for her money none the less.

This morning I did my last ride until October 9th. Tomorrow I get a plane for DFW. I'm bringing my running shoes (and heart rate strap). This will be the longest period I'll have been off the bike in some time. Maybe the rest will be good?

revchuck 09-29-13 05:44 AM

Yesterday was one of the harder rides I've done. I sought out some climbing and did two laps of this route. 4:00, and the first lap was considerably faster than the second. IF for the first hour was .94, for the first two hours was .91, and for the entire ride was .83...slowed down towards the end. TSS was 276, 2455 kj. Part of what tired me out was a decision to climb in the 50-60 rpm range to add resistance. Just over 3000 feet of climbing - not much for those who live in hilly country, but it was the best I could find. ;)

revchuck 09-29-13 04:21 PM

2:46 at endurance pace, albeit not far above recovery. For the first time I can remember since I started cycling, my glutes are sore.

AzTallRider 09-29-13 07:19 PM

That's a great sign...

Hermes 10-01-13 08:22 PM

1.5 hours of hill climbing with the wife 3x10 minute z4/z5 efforts. One would ask why I am doing hard efforts in the off season. Simple, I did not do jack in the regular season. And Saturday starts the Low Key Hill Climbs and our team is the Sisters and Misters of No Mercy. A couple of years ago, we were on that team and the team won the team series. The team started out as the Sisters of No Mercy formed by some of the female climbers. Since they wanted men on the team, they changed the name to what it is today. This is one of the best run and organized event series in NorCal although it is not promoted as a race and not sanctioned. It is a training ride - you betcha.

AzTallRider 10-01-13 08:40 PM

Knowing it will be awhile until my situation changes, I went to the gym and did some time on a stationary bike. Woohoo!

Cleave 10-01-13 11:16 PM

Ran 2 miles S-L-O-W-L-Y. Legs hurt.

Colonelmom 10-02-13 06:40 AM


Originally Posted by sarals (Post 16105768)
You guys. :lol:

I've been totally off the radar for the last week. I spent four days in San Francisco, the Tall Russian had meetings with contractors about renovating his house up there. It turns out it's VERY close to Ex's childhood home, just a stone's throw. Small world!

I did a lot of riding, but it was from stop light to stop light, stop sign to stop sign. I had fun waiting for Freds to catch up to me and then I blow past them when they got fifty or so yards in front of me. Is that mean, or what? :p

I climbed Mount Tamalpias, round tripping from San Francisco, on Sunday. The Tall Russian has really slowed down in the past year (and I'm faster), so I had to stop often to wait on him. That really slowed me down, but even so, I did okay on that much harder than I expected climb (it's way harder than Hamilton).

Sunday I go to Texas for a ten day school for work. I won't have a bike, so I'm going to (heaven forbid) RUN while I'm there to maintain my aerobic fitness. I don't want to think about how slow I'll be when I get home! I do start structure again on November 1st.

Like Ex, I've been thinking about next year. I want to cat up to 3 so I can race more Masters races. I'll probably need the whole season to get enough points to do that. I do my best in crits, so I'll target more of them instead of road races, and I'll contest more ITT's. I might try to hit more races in a series, too. Senior events are square in the middle of my radar, points or not, and any USAC women's race that will allow a W4 to race 35+ (better yet, 60+) I'll try to get to. Most of all, next year, I HOPE, will be a season of racing, not survival.

From the 2013 rule book

[COLOR=rgb(100.000000%, 0.000000%, 0.000000%)]4-3: (1) 20 points; or,[/COLOR]
(2) experience in 25 qualifying races with a minimumof 10 top ten finishes with fields of 30 riders+; or,
(3) 20 pack finishes with fields over 50.
30 points in 12 months is a mandatory* upgrade.USAC-sanctioned rider Camps and Clinics that areapproved by the Local Associations for upgrading willcount a maximum of 3 upgrade points when upgradingfrom category 4 to category 3.

I cannot find it right now.. but USAC expanded the timeline.. so you can count 18 months of points versus the old 12 month window... GOOD luck.. i have the same goal... to get to CAT 2 and I am considering racing USAC Master's it is in Utah in 2014

Cleave 10-02-13 03:32 PM

Quads hurt.

sarals 10-03-13 06:18 AM

Colonelmom, thanks. You're a 3? I thought you were very strong from your reports! Good luck on catting up.

I'm in Texas. No bike. However, I've run three times now, about 40 minutes and 3.5 miles per run. It hurts!!! Everything bounces and jars, and my legs are feeling all sorts of strains I'd forgotten about. Cardio is getting worked, though, and that's good.

Hermes 10-03-13 09:02 AM


Originally Posted by Cleave (Post 16123845)
Ran 2 miles S-L-O-W-L-Y. Legs hurt.

OMG. I knew it was a bad idea to hang out with R'Ex for fear of catching whatever he has. I was at the gym last night and momentarily looked at a treadmill and thought about swimming. Am I coming down with something. I need a doctor.

Hermes 10-03-13 09:06 AM

Gym last night. Starting legs and worked upper body.

revchuck 10-03-13 03:57 PM

Building time at the end of a build...2:35 Tuesday (hrTSS 126), 3:27 (TSS 213) Wednesday, 2:27 (TSS 116) today. My ass was dragging bigtime today. An hour at recovery pace tomorrow, a 75 mile charity ride Saturday, 1:30 at endurance pace Sunday, and then into a recovery week. After my ride on Sunday, I'm driving my wife to Alabama to visit her side of the family. I'll probably gain a few pounds - her Mom thinks I'm way too thin, and she can cook! :)

Cleave 10-03-13 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by Hermes (Post 16127942)
OMG. I knew it was a bad idea to hang out with R'Ex for fear of catching whatever he has. I was at the gym last night and momentarily looked at a treadmill and thought about swimming. Am I coming down with something. I need a doctor.

OK, a bit of explanation is warranted. As much as I make fun of people for riding during the racing season, I used to run a fair amount during the off season. I used to do 10K runs for fun and socializing. I'm not any better at running than I am at bike racing. Years ago, my goal was to get under 40 minutes for a 10K and I never got there. I could do 42 minutes and change consistently and under 42 minutes once in a while.

LAST year I bought some new running shoes for the first time in about 10 years. I was trying to get my youngest son to run with me last fall but it was no-go. I ran once last year. :p

This year I decided I needed to mix things up since I've been training on my bike through the winter for a bunch years now, thanks to the Velo Sports Center. I am planning to ride at the track twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and ride with my club on Saturday. My goal is to run twice each week, maybe Sunday and Wednesday. Looking at this kind of a schedule through November.

I have ZERO desire to do a duathlon or a triathlon. However, if I feel like my running is progressing I might do a 5K or a 10K for fun.

Of course, the best laid plans...

sarals 10-03-13 05:40 PM

I want my bike...any bike!

shovelhd 10-03-13 05:47 PM

An hour of glorious JRA.

Hermes 10-03-13 08:58 PM

1.5 hours of ride as I feel.

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