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gsteinb 05-12-13 05:07 AM


Originally Posted by gsteinb (Post 15608053)
likewise, 120

oddly the 120 seemed to be longer than than my old 120. started to have back issues as the saddle to bars on the new bike was longer. presumably outside the doable range for me. went to a 110 yesterday. I really hate changing bikes in season. Probably wasn't a good idea to keep racing the old one though.

Cleave 05-12-13 07:07 AM

I've found that you can't trust stem lengths these days. I've had two stems; same manufacturer, model, and length but different model years, and the stems were obviously different lengths. I use the saddle nose to bar center measurement as you mentioned as my standard.

AzTallRider 05-12-13 08:17 AM

Turns out what I thought might be BB creak was actually saddle squeak. When I was working to eliminate that, I put the bike on the trainer to see where I was relative to KOPS. On the last Madone, I had ended up just slightly forward of that. But either the saddle had moved, or the fitter was on drugs when we did the initial setup on the Giant, as I was well back of that. No wonder I was thinking of raising the bars or moving them back. We'll see how it feels, and as soon as I get 42cm bars, I'll go back and have the fitter take a final look.

AzTallRider 05-12-13 05:43 PM

So I tried it, and the monster Giant slides right into the back of the Prius.

Cleave 05-12-13 07:45 PM

People don't realize how much space is in the back of a Prius. I can fit my bike with both wheels. I presume you have to take off the front wheel.

AzTallRider 05-12-13 09:03 PM

Nope - left the front wheel on. :-)

caloso 05-14-13 12:07 PM

Last night I finished building up the new Ridley. Originally I was going to transfer my Red group over from the Cervelo but decided instead to move the Campy 10 mix (Chorus and Centaur) from the Gazelle instead. It is a tiny bit heavier, but much better looking and smooth functioning.

That's athletic tape on the bars in case I decide to rearrange the cockpit.

I'll post a glamour shot with race wheels real bar tape after everything is settled.

gsteinb 05-14-13 12:36 PM

must say that from the front that giant looks slippery.

shovelhd 05-20-13 04:54 PM

Some updates to the Felt. 7970 Di2.

Rear derailleur.

Front derailleur.


Sprint shifters.

Climbing shifters.

TT shifters.

AzTallRider 05-20-13 05:06 PM

Climbing shifters? Since when does a crit guy need climbing shifters?!?

It looks great, Shovel. Would love some sprint shifters...

Cleave 05-20-13 05:52 PM

shovelhd wins the most shift switches contest. :D I haven't seen that many on a pro bike. BTW, I guess it's the latest and greatest Dura-Ace Di2 since you were able to McGyver so many switches into the system.

caloso 05-20-13 06:01 PM

What? No shifters on the speed bars?

shovelhd 05-20-13 06:05 PM

Thanks. Actually, it's the original Dura-Ace 7970 ten speed. The Ultegra 6770 ten speed and the Dura-Ace 9070 11 speed can't be hacked this way. It's a much more expensive proposition. I won't go to 11 speed for a bit, and I got a deal I couldn't refuse. It all works really nice.

shovelhd 05-20-13 06:05 PM


Originally Posted by caloso (Post 15647325)
What? No shifters on the speed bars?

Look closer :)

caloso 05-20-13 06:16 PM

Hah. Awesome.

Racer Ex 05-20-13 06:18 PM

Shovel, once you go techno, you'll never go back.

Some mediocre cell phone pics of the Venge. Ridden in anger for the first time this weekend.

shovelhd 05-20-13 06:39 PM

Looks great Ex. All you need is a seatpost battery. Love the chainrings. Badass.

I had the vision for all this craziness the moment I rode 7970 for the first time. I thought it would be cool to add shifters at each bar position. After riding it for a week, now I know why Ex won't ride a TT bike without it. Electronic is just fantastic for pace work. Hopefully, that will translate into breakaways, once I get into breakaway shape, that is. :)

sarals 05-21-13 11:51 AM

You're both badass, you guys! Those are truly weapons, way cool.

Shovel, I approve of your choice of bar tape ;) !!!

VanceMac 05-21-13 04:21 PM

Told Hermes I would sell his old Planet X frame. Once I got home, I measured the top tube, and it is closer to a 57 than a 56, so decided to swap out the parts from Fuji and give it a try tonight at VSC. I will likely end up with a DF3 (like Hermes and Ex), but curious to see how much that extra 1cm and slightly different geometry feel.

Hermes 05-21-13 04:40 PM

Nice build and pics. Have a blast.

shovelhd 05-21-13 05:42 PM

Looks great.

echappist 05-21-13 11:03 PM

damn, you 50+ people are fancy

here i am content with my 10-speed mechanical sram red


btw, i don't see the climbing shifter and the shifter on the speed-bars. anyone mind pointing out where they are?

Racer Ex 05-21-13 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by echappist (Post 15652671)
damn, you 50+ people are fancy

We grew up in the Gilded Age.

sarals 05-22-13 11:35 AM


Originally Posted by Racer Ex (Post 15652691)
We grew up in the Gilded Age.


We're spending our kid's inheritance.

AzTallRider 05-22-13 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by sarals (Post 15654255)

We're spending our kid's inheritance.

As well we should!

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