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shovelhd 01-22-13 04:42 PM

Just as a reference, M55+ Nats was 29.5.

revchuck 01-22-13 04:55 PM

Okay, then, they weren't quite that stately. :)

Cleave 01-22-13 11:58 PM

"Stately" makes it sound so formal. :D

One of the ringleaders of the SoCal 55/60 contingent said that this past weekend's race was faster than the previous race. Later in the year each of those races will average at least 1 MPH faster. However, it's not the average speed that kills you, it's the accelerations and sustained attacks and chases. If you stalk me a little closer, you can see the speed for each lap and speed spikes.

None of the races was that hard (heck, I finished all of them), but they served my training needs. I know Ex will hate me for writing this, but for me, racing is the best training.

mkadam68 08-26-13 03:46 PM

No recent updates??!! For shame!!

AzTallRider 08-26-13 04:14 PM

He puts most of his updates in the Misc Race Reports Thread...

mkadam68 08-26-13 07:03 PM

Oh. :innocent: :o :D

Racer Ex 08-26-13 07:13 PM

He just hasn't raced much this year.



Cleave 08-26-13 11:44 PM

Oy. I figured I'd save this thread for significant races and/or results. You can draw your own conclusions. :D

Cleave 12-24-13 08:38 AM

2013 Race Summary

Total races (USAC and Senior Games): 62
Road races (road, circuit, criterium): 48
Time trials: 11
Track (team pursuit, time trial): 3
Pasadena Senior Games: Won 3 out of 4 races (20 Km road race, 40 Km road race, 10 Km time trial) and 2nd in 5 Km time trial. The real highlight was winning the 40 Km road race in a breakaway with Racer Ex and AzTallRider. We lapped the field and I managed to hang on for the win in my age group (2nd overall). I was never in a break that lapped a field before. Granted, it wasn't a stellar field but the effort by all of us was pretty high because at one point we thought the field was catching us.

El Dorado Park training Series: This year marked a big transition in our local mid-week race. For some reason, I couldn't get into the groove to the point of getting dropped in a couple of races. Finally, towards the end of the season, I started a break that stuck. I didn't do well in the sprint, but initiating the break and staying in it was a big improvement for me this season.

Los Angeles Velodrome Racing Association Time Trials: I finally had the chance to be on a team pursuit team. The first bicycle race that I ever saw on TV was the team pursuit at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. Watching that race was the tipping point moment for me getting involved in bicycle racing for the rest of my life. I had the great honor of being asked to race with Hermes, Velo Diva, and Racer Ex for my first team pursuit. I had a great time doing it and it really completed the circle of my cycling life.

Racer Ex 12-24-13 10:59 AM

That's an epic season for most folks Cleave. Winning one race makes most people's year.

Unfortunately I forgot my head unit for the race where we lapped the field. Would have been fun seeing the numbers from that.

Hermes 12-24-13 06:59 PM

Great racing Cleave and congrats on another solid year. Team pursuit was fun and we will have to do it again in 2014.

shovelhd 12-24-13 08:05 PM

Great job, Cleave. I look forward to racing with you again.

sarals 12-24-13 10:34 PM

Cleave, you wouldn't have had to worry that the field might be catching you if your pit crew (me) hadn't given the wrong time hack to Racer Ex. Duh.

Stellar year, my friend! You have much to be proud of!

revchuck 12-25-13 04:49 AM

Dang, Cleave, I can't imagine racing that much - yet, anyway. That was a great year for you!

AzTallRider 12-25-13 04:34 PM


Originally Posted by sarals (Post 16357427)
Cleave, you wouldn't have had to worry that the field might be catching you if your pit crew (me) hadn't given the wrong time hack to Racer Ex. Duh.

It was a fun race, though I remember cussing and swearing at Cleave and Ex for taking their own sweet time to bridge up. After that, I was just trying to hang on. Neither gives good draft, by the way, unless they are sitting up intentionally out of pity.

Awesome year, Cleave, and it's always a pleasure racing with you. Look forward to VOS.

Allegheny Jet 12-25-13 07:08 PM

Congrats on a great year of racing and results Cleave. That is a lot of races.

Cleave 12-26-13 09:29 AM

Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I seem to respond better to "racing lots" than structured training. Probably because I don't have much self-discipline when it comes to training hard. For me, a lot of races are just a way to get in some quality training. Not that many of my races are target races.

I also subscribe to the opinion that if you pay an entry fee, sign a release, and pin a number on you back (vs front ;)), it's a race. :) Still, in 2013, I didn't do nearly as many mid-week training races as I usually do.

@Racer Ex, I'll post my numbers from the Senior Games race later today.

Cleave 12-26-13 06:35 PM

2013 Pasadena Senior Games
40 Km Road Race (14 laps)
Masters Men 50-54, 55-59, 60-64 (race together, score separately)

AzTR took off at the gun (apparently on purpose ;)). Racer Ex, says something like, "That guy won the time trial this morning," as we watched AzTR ride away. I didn't necessarily want to watch him solo to victory but I wasn't going to initiate chasing down a friend.

The course is 1.74 miles long. AzTR was gone for 3.5 laps (based on my split data) and we were getting gap timings that put him about 1/2 lap ahead. At that point Racer Ex attacked to bridge up. I had to go around 1 or 2 people but I jumped to catch him. The jump had a max of 878 watts and 31.6 MPH. Racer Ex looked back and saw that I wasn't dragging anyone with me so he waited for me.

From there we worked together (meaning Racer Ex didn't drop me) and we caught AzTR after about 3-1/2 laps (7 laps into the race). From there we worked together until we lapped the field at which point we had about 1-3/4 laps to go.

Race data (based on FTP=220W):
Avg speed: 20.6 MPH
Avg Power=204W

Break data (jump to lapping the field):
Break distance: 15.5 miles
Avg speed: 24.2 MPH
Avg Power=230W

BTW, I use SportTracks 3.1 as my training diary. Been using it since 2006 and I use a number of free and pay plug-ins for training analysis. In particular, I use the Training Analysis plug-in for power analysis.

sarals 12-26-13 10:05 PM

I remember well watching that race, and all of that happen. It was awesome!

Cleave 02-09-14 11:16 PM

Hi, kicked off the season with two races at the Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium in Brea; Master Men 55+ and Masters Men 45+ Cat 1/2/3. After the training disaster I call January 2014, my training plan leading up to Valley of the Sun Stage Race changed considerably. Today's races and next week's races are now high intensity training leading the stage race.

55+ race had a good size field (50 or so?) and the Women Cat 1/2/3 were racing on the course at the same time. The race was fast from the gun and stayed pretty fast. I felt better than I expected at the start and stayed in the top half of the field for about 20 minutes of the 50 minute race. After that I started feeling tired. At one point I was behind my teammate who basically tail-guns the races. I felt a little better the last 5 laps but going through turns 3 and 4, just before we were going to get 2-to-go, I almost got taken out twice while in the middle of the back. Then, just as we got the bell, we ended up lapping the women's pack a second time. By the time the back of our pack was passing the front of their pack we were in the turn 1 and 2 complex. I figured that skin was the better part of valor and rolled across the line at the back.

Unfortunately, USAC will probably show this as a DNF for me. At the start some said, "Why do you have a 600 number instead of a 100 number?" Oops, I had my 45+ number on top. :notamused: No time to fix it so I probably didn't get picked at the end.

The Masters 45+ race was over an hour later. I saw Racer Ex with his new team as he was warming up. Ask him about his cool, new helmet. :)

During my light warm up I thought, "I feel awfully tired." The 45+ race started fast and after looking at the data, my spider sense was correct, it was faster than the 55+ race. Was struggling a bit from the start. Looking at my data further, I had a big power spike every lap coming out of turn 2 heading into the uphill back straight. Pretty similar to the 55+ race. I guess that was a few too many intervals and I dropped off and out after the halfway mark. It turned out that the end of the race was a cluster after half a dozen guys crashed in turn 2 with 2-to-go. You can ask Racer Ex for more details.

I was surprised how fast the races were today, considering it's still the beginning of February. I'm satisfied -- not happy -- with how the races went for me.

Hermes 02-10-14 09:07 AM

Congrats getting out there.

AzTallRider 02-10-14 10:18 AM

Feels to good to mix it up again, huh Cleave? And they see you so often, maybe they'll just say "Someone tell Cleave to get his numbers sorted out" and give you the finish.

sarals 02-10-14 11:15 AM

I've been hearing the "good weather has got the fitness up" comments fairly often after races. I asked one of the guys who mentioned it if he thought they might be peaking too early? "Lets hope so..." he said.

You guys lapped the 1/2/3 women? I feel so inadequate!

Good work, Cleave!

Cleave 02-10-14 03:52 PM

@sarals, we lapped the women's field twice and the women's break once. However, you weren't there so that could have made a difference. :) Since you're thinking you like criteriums more than road races, maybe a few well-timed trips to SoCal (capital of industrial park criteriums) are in order?

sarals 02-11-14 12:15 AM


Originally Posted by Cleave (Post 16484440)
@sarals, we lapped the women's field twice and the women's break once. However, you weren't there so that could have made a difference. :) Since you're thinking you like criteriums more than road races, maybe a few well-timed trips to SoCal (capital of industrial park criteriums) are in order?

Cleave, it has crossed my mind, believe me! Perhaps later this season, when I get my legs under me and learn to keep my nose out of the wind a little better?

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