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TEdean 03-18-13 03:46 PM

Hilly, heavy chip seal, tire pressure TT, questions
Pretty new to TT, and I could not find answers to these questions in the TT thread.

I am pretty new to TTs, and never ridden one as hilly as the one I have this weekend. It is 12 miles, with a bunch of rollers that are mostly 6 to 8 % grade, with one hill that has a 12% section in it. I have ridden the course twice and not sure how hard to attack the hills. Also, most of the course is a heavy "chip seal". I rode it today with 110psi, (normally I ride 115psi) and felt like I was vibrating down the rode, instead of smooth contact. I weigh 175lbs and have a fairly stiff TT bike.

1. Should I kill it on the hills, and coast down? How should I approach the hills?

2. I've read too much pressure is as bad as not enough, any suggestions?



crazyb 03-18-13 04:00 PM

Attack the downhills. The more speed you carry into the rollers, the easier you keep your momentum. Are you riding 23's. Maybe a few less psi.

AzTallRider 03-18-13 04:41 PM

Do you have a profile of the course?

TEdean 03-18-13 05:48 PM

I am riding Conti Grand Prix, TT Limited, 23c. I do not care about comfort, just worried I am losing traction.

TEdean 03-18-13 05:50 PM

I can probably get the profile off my Garmin, the profile on the race's website, does not look right.

TEdean 03-18-13 06:11 PM

1 Attachment(s)
This is a picture of the profile.

revchuck 03-18-13 07:08 PM

FWIW, I'm 185-190, and run 100 psi front/110 psi rear with 700x23s, and ride LOTS of chip seal. You've got a bit of room to play with in terms of tire pressure.

AzTallRider 03-18-13 07:47 PM

I haven't yet gotten good at TT's, but given that profile, I'm pretty sure it will won or lost on the uphill section, and I'm betting the TT guys will say to conserve for that stretch.

Hermes 03-18-13 11:39 PM

in general, the most power or level of effort is applied to the uphill sections. On the downhills, drop to lower threshold and get a little recovery to get ready for the next uphill section. Run a slightly lower tire pressure.

Racer Ex 03-18-13 11:51 PM

Latex tubes. 100-105 PSI

-10% on the down, + 10% on the up. Push over the top and get up to speed before cutting it back.

Don't go out too hard. You will though.

Cleave 03-19-13 08:13 AM

^^^ Easier to say than do, but do you must.

shovelhd 03-20-13 11:39 AM

A 20 minute test is good practice.

TEdean 03-21-13 09:15 AM

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, this race stresses both my weaknesses. I am really good on flats, but not great on climbs or going fast on downhills ( at 63yo, above 35mph in the aerobars, I worry about crashing a lot more than I did at 25yo). I think I am going to lower tire psi to 100/105, and I think best strategy will be agressive on the climbs, ride at comfort level on the downs, and aggressive on the few flats there are. I have preridden the course twice.

Esteban58 03-26-13 10:59 AM

so... how'd it go?

TEdean 04-01-13 06:33 AM

It went better than expected. I hit the hills/climbs as hard as I could go, pedaled through the tops, when I reached a good speed on the downs, I coasted a bit to rest my legs, did the 12 miles 33.51 mins, finished 6th out of 15 in my age group, highest speed 39.4mph. Ran my tires at 90/95psi. Thanks for all the help.

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