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Hermes 03-30-13 02:55 PM

Race Palmarès
Here is a suggested outline.
  1. Race Category
  2. Racing Age
  3. Years of Experience
  4. Specialty
  5. Number of Races per Year
  6. Highlighted Races, Podiums or Events over the Last 5 Years

chasm54 03-30-13 03:02 PM

1. Cat4, Veterans 55-59
2. 58
3. Second year racing, riding bikes for too many years to mention.
4. Avoiding climbing races.
5. Probably about twenty this season, last year curtailed by injury
6. None, really. Just learning the trade.

sarals 03-30-13 05:12 PM

1. W Cat 4, Masters 35+
2. Racing age 61
3. Second year racing, first year of real training for racing.
4. I do like crits. Road and circuit races, too, depending upon the course. I need to do more ITT's.
5. I'll have nineteen at the end of the season.
6. Four seconds in the 2013 Pasadena Senior Games, 4th age 60+ (USAC) in the NCNCA California Championship M45+ crit.
7. At the beginning of the season, it was finishing, then it became finishing with the pack, and now it's results. I've come a long way!

Racer Ex 03-30-13 06:04 PM

You first.

AzTallRider 03-30-13 06:22 PM

1. SM4; M55+
2. 59
3. 4 riding 2.5 racing
4. Road: best at Crit's and CR's
5. 29 in 2012, plus another 18 practice crit's
6. 2nd in the South Mtn 55+ CR; Sweep of Nevada Sr. Games

Racer Ex 03-30-13 07:23 PM

1. 1
2. 53
3. 9 years road, 3 years BMX, 10+ on motorcycles. 4 coaching.
4. All arounder.
5. 53 in 2012.
6. 3 National Championships (road, track, and MTB). 1 National record (45+ 4k Team Pursuit) 1 Course record (20k TT). 13 State Championships. 127 wins. 220 Podiums.
7. I still turn on the fan in the bathroom.

caloso 03-30-13 07:29 PM

No is going to want to go after Racer X.

Homebrew01 03-30-13 08:05 PM

3. More than most
6. Not much to show for it.

Hermes 03-30-13 08:10 PM

1. Cat 4 road and track
2. Racing age is 64
3. I started road racing in 2007 and track racing in 2008. Initially, it was to race our tandem with my wife in local time trials. The last two years, I have focused on the track but I will do a road time trial or hill climb on occasion. Typically, I train 5 days per week and also lift in the gym. I spent the first 3 years of racing figuring out where I had a competitive advantage.
4. My specialties at the track are the 500 meter time trial, individual pursuit, team pursuit and team sprint.
5: On average, I race 20 times per year. This year is going to be less due to a bicycle tour I am doing in Europe.
6: Road - Tandem: 2009 Masters State Championships 40K: Silver 2009 Berkeley TTT: 3rd of 6 Track - Masters Track State 2008 to 2012 - Gold in individual pursuit, team pursuit and team sprint for a total of 10 gold medals. Masters Track Nationals 2008 Hellyer San Jose, CA: 2010 Frisco, TX and 2011 Trexlertown, PA - Silver and bronze: team pursuit and bronze in individual 500 meters and Masters Track Worlds 2010 Anadia, Portugal: Not DFL but had a great time and learned a lot.

gsteinb 03-31-13 03:40 AM

1. Cat 1
2. 46
3. bunch of BMX, Road Racing 1990-96, 2003-Present
4. Crits, Mass Start Track, points series
5. about 60 races a year
6. True story: I was the number 1 cat 3 in the country. No clue on total wins or anything (something over 100). Bunch of state championships. Whole bunch of series wins.

chasm54 03-31-13 03:56 AM


Originally Posted by gsteinb (Post 15450535)
6. True story: I was the number 1 cat 3 in the country.

Intriguing. Over here there's a lot of churn at the top of the Cat 3 rankings because 40 points gets an automatic upgrade to Cat2. So if one looks at the rankings, whoever happens to be top on any given day will probably disappear from the list the following week, and others will win races and get upgraded without ever having reached the top of the rankings, just because they'll go from 30 points to 40 in a singe week.

revchuck 03-31-13 04:46 AM

Comment, rather than contribution - I'm planning on racing almost every race available within reasonable driving distance (~200 miles), and that's one stage race per month starting in May. I'm going to have to start looking in the Mobile/Pensacola area too. You California folks have it good, at least in terms of available races.

chasm54 03-31-13 04:57 AM

There must be Crits, though, Chuck?

revchuck 03-31-13 05:43 AM


Originally Posted by chasm54 (Post 15450571)
There must be Crits, though, Chuck?

Nope. There's one stage race in April I'll miss due to being out of town for work. There are local practice races and TTs during the week, but that's about it. I have to budget ~$350 each weekend with hotel, race fees and other expenses. Living in the hinterlands has its downsides. :(

shovelhd 03-31-13 07:06 AM

1. 2
2. 56
3. I raced for 7 years in the 1980's, hung up the bike, and returned to racing in 2011. Nine wins since returning.
4. Breakaway artist with a sprint at the end.
5. 45 in 2012.
6. Chris Thater (NCC) M45+, soloed for 5 laps to win. Nothing else even comes close.
7. I have been banned from every household bathroom except one.

sarals 03-31-13 09:00 AM

7. TMI - but, thank you for turning on the fan. Put the seat back down.

LAJ 04-01-13 08:34 AM

55 year old Cat 4.

Cleave 04-01-13 05:49 PM

  1. Race Category: 3: Road, track, and cyclocross (Earned the Cat 3 on the road back in the days when there weren't separate categories for the different racing disciplines. When they create separate disciplines, the "grandfather" clause applied to me so I'm Cat 3 across the board.)
  2. Racing Age: 56
  3. Years of Experience: 40th season with a license (though I missed at least 2, but maybe 3 seasons; licensed but didn't race)
  4. Specialty: None now. I do a little bit of everything and none of it very well, but I have fun anyway. I was a good Cat 3 climber 30 years and 20 lbs ago.
  5. Number of Races per Year: 71 each of the last two seasons. 60-something the year before.
  6. Highlighted Races, Podiums or Events over the Last 5 Years: Won a couple of mid-week training series races and won the California Senior Games 20 Km road race during a non-qualifying year. The cool thing about that was beating the guy who won both road races at the 2009 national games. I'm really good at being pack fodder. It's a tough job but someone has to do it, otherwise the Cat 1 and 2 guys would be racing in fields of 10 riders.

Hermes 04-02-13 10:20 AM

Cleave, your racing career is a tour de force. That is a lot of race pedal revolutions.

Allegheny Jet 04-03-13 08:26 AM

1. Race Category, Cat 4
2. Racing Age, 60, entered a new age group this year
3. Years of Experience, began racing 5 years ago
4. Specialty, Crits, CR and after last summer’s intro, Track
5. Number of Races per Year, 15- 20, not including training crits
6. Highlighted Races, Podiums or Events over the Last 5 Years, Ohio State Master’s podium in Crit 3 times, RR- 2 times, Cyclo Cross 2 times, three State Jersey’s in Track in 2012- flying 200, 500 TT and Omnium, 3rd in last year’s Barry Roubaix 55+, 2nd place in 2 55+ crits in 2012, 2 x 2nd at Ohio Senior Games (see a pattern there?), Won Garrett Wonder’s 45+ Crit in 2011, a few other wins, podiums, burrito primes and too many to count- “town line sprints”.

RacerOne 07-31-13 02:17 AM

1. Cat 3 Across the board
2. 40
3. 3rd Year, Road and CX
4. Wheel Sucking
5. 10-15 races per year
6. 2012 Cat 4 Open Indiana State Road Race Champion, 2012 Cat 4 Open Indiana State Criterium Champion.

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