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revchuck 05-24-13 12:44 PM

See you there. :thumb: I'm the old guy with a grey mustache on a black Look.

chasm54 05-24-13 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by revchuck (Post 15663330)
I'm the old guy with a grey mustache on a black Look.

Whereas I am the clean-shaven old guy with ​the black look.

bbeasley 07-01-13 08:46 AM

I didn't make the June race, caught a good case of the flu and it put me down for a bit.

I've had a big week toward achieving racing fitness and it wasn't related to riding. My Dr. took me off statins, high cholesterol dope, for the first time in 10+ years. What a difference, no more cramping, no more inappropriately sore muscles. I've taken a big jump forward in my fitness level, riding with my usual group, I've gone from barely hanging on to the fast guys to being able to hang with them and contribute to pushing the pace a bit.

Off the dope, I notice my heart rate is lower than just 10 days ago riding with the same guys. I don't have a power meter yet, but my speed is better at a lower heart rate than before. It's a great feeling, my legs feel light where before they felt heavy and crampy after 35 miles or so. I also now can do two hard days back to back. On the dope after a 60 mile ride I limped around like an old man, which I am, the next day.

Thing make so much more sense now. I'd read about how you folks train and read training schedules and I couldn't figure out how you put in the back to back days. On the dope I just couldn't do it, now I can. I'm really looking forward to my next event with my new legs. I'll still be a back marker for sure as I've got much work to do, but I won't be as far back as I was :)

revchuck 07-01-13 09:28 AM

Missed you at the race, but I can't do squat when I'm down with the flu either. Glad to hear you're off the stuff and riding better!

Racer Ex 07-01-13 09:33 AM

Good to hear going off the meds produced a good outcome. Look forward to the race report.

Cleave 07-01-13 11:23 AM

Hi bbeasley, Glad to hear that your doctor took you off of statins. Obviously you're doing something right.

I've been on Lipitor and now the generic for a few years. Fortunately, I haven't suffered any of the listed side effects -- at least not noticeably. My doctor and I think that my body produces the bad cholesterol, rather than my diet as no matter what I did, my numbers kept going up in a bad way. A 10 mg daily dose dropped my total cholesterol by over 100 points and improved my ratios.

Makes me wonder if in my case, high cholesterol is a significant risk factor.

lgp927 01-17-14 05:21 PM

Thats great write up man !! awesome

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