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JasonCarp 06-24-13 05:23 AM

Great job! Did you have a support crew there? We had a group to support about 9 of us, it was very beneficial. I let the pack tear out, and just plodded out on my own about 17 mph. I had looked at the profile earlier in the week and saw most of the climbing was early in the day. I ended up passing all the Freds on first climb out of Middleville past the river. From there I cruised through the first checkpoint and only took a little food. Before the second stop, I was able to catch up to the guy I rode my last long ride with. we spent the rest of the day together. Overall, for my first 24 hour challenge, I think I did pretty well.We rode until 1 AM until the storm came. I just could not restart my body at 4:30 after trying to sleep in my truck. So, overall, 232.5 miles in 17 hours of riding is pretty good. I too, think 350 is attainable with better stops, and perfect weather. Other than my rear end, I felt pretty good when we stopped at 1. Next year, I will eat less, and quicken my breaks to get through 3 of the mid 24 mile loops before the night loops start. (We got two, in and probably could have done three, but didn't want to chance it.) This will set you up for some easy miles at night.

DGlenday 06-24-13 11:02 AM

Sounds like a good ride, Jason!

I agree that with better weather, and (in my case, anyway) more intelligent planning, a 350-mile finish is definitely in scope.

I was lucky - my ever-suffering ;) wife was my crew, and did an excellent job. I was incredibly thankful to have her there.

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