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sarals 06-20-14 03:56 PM

Some PSG 2014 photos:

Allegheny Jet 06-26-14 04:57 PM

Nice senior games group shot!

I qualified for Ohio this week in road and TT. Road was hard as we had a 60-64yr field of 27 with 9 desperate out of state racers which produced quite a race dynamic. I'm training mostly for track resulting it hard racing for me with all the attacks. In the TT I used my fixed gear track pursuit bike and found a way to get a 3 rd in the 5k. I still hate TT's no matter what bike I ride. Tickets punched for MN in 2015.

Cleave 04-14-15 12:21 AM

2015 National Senior Games in Minneapolis - St. Paul
Bought the non-refundable airline tickets and looking for a suitable hotel. Also checking out rental car rates. This is not going to be cheap.

Who else is going?

shovelhd 04-14-15 05:46 AM

I cancelled. Just not going to work. Good luck everyone.

Hermes 04-14-15 09:32 AM

No Senior games for me. Road nationals Utah.

Racer Ex 04-14-15 03:56 PM


Originally Posted by shovelhd (Post 17717509)
I cancelled. Just not going to work. Good luck everyone.

Sad face.

Still on my schedule.

Racer Ex 04-24-15 07:23 PM

In for both TT's and road races.

"Get fit in 75 days or visit Offthebackistan"

shovelhd 04-24-15 08:46 PM

Dude you are taking it. Everything.

Hermes 04-24-15 09:04 PM

The day that R'ex gets his ticket punched to Offthebackistan at the Senior Games, I will eat my power meter.

Cleave 06-18-15 07:18 AM

Hi. I know that a couple of us are not going even though their names are on the entry lists.

Who's in?

I'll be there.

55-59 men road race fields look big enough to have fun and small enough so that I can move around. Course is definitely one of the strangest I've seen -- 18 corners in 3.3 mile relatively flat circuit.

revchuck 06-18-15 07:51 AM

I won't be at the California games, but the Louisiana Senior Games will be in Lake Charles this year and the following two. I'll have the unusual feeling of racing on home roads. :)

Cleave 06-18-15 03:00 PM

Nice revchuck.

I meant, but didn't write, the National Senior Games in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. :)

BTW, the two no-shows frequent this sub forum. ;) They won't be there for good reasons.

revchuck 06-18-15 03:07 PM


shovelhd 06-18-15 05:33 PM

It's killing me.

Racer Ex 06-18-15 08:09 PM

Me too. I better win a jersey at State Track.

revchuck 08-06-15 07:52 PM

I signed up for the Louisiana Senior Games today. November 7, 5 & 10km TTs in the morning, 20 & 40km road races in the afternoon. 5km TT is a straight line, 10km TT has one 90 degree corner, the road races are a 6.8 mile circuit. Everything is dead flat. I may try to do all four.

Cleave 02-24-16 09:57 AM


Heathpack 02-24-16 06:41 PM


Originally Posted by Cleave (Post 18560691)

Congrats on the podium, @Cleave.

You seem to have some pretty interesting friends. :)

Cleave 06-15-16 09:24 PM

Pasadena Senior Games are this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, June 21-22. I'm in for both days and all four races.

Cleave 06-21-16 10:39 PM

Ugh. Bronze and silver for the 5 Km ITT and 40 Km road race respectively. Slowest time ever on this course which becoming a recurring theme this year for my TTs. :(

In the 40 Km road race, I was solo off the front of the combined 50+ to 80+ field for 3 laps but with over half the race to go and my gap at around 250 meters and steady, I decided to sit up and wait. Tried to go a few more times but it came down to a field sprint and I picked the wrong wheel for the the headwind sprint.

10 Km ITT and 20 Km road race on the docket for tomorrow.

Heathpack 06-22-16 05:52 AM

Good luck today, Cleave!

Heathpack 06-22-16 05:52 AM

Oh yeah & congrats on your podiums!

Racer Ex 06-22-16 10:40 AM


Originally Posted by Heathpack (Post 18862069)
Oh yeah & congrats on your podiums!

Indeed! Would have liked to make it down. Next year...

shovelhd 06-22-16 10:47 AM

Congrats. Are you going to AL?

LAJ 06-22-16 11:45 AM

Nicely done, Cleave!

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