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Hermes 12-23-13 09:10 PM

Recovery Days
What we do when we are not training.

Hermes 12-23-13 09:24 PM

We are in SoCal this week and decided to go to Crystal Cove Beach close to where we are staying. We wanted to stay off the legs so we drove down to the beach and hiked the short distance to the beach.

Feet ice bath

Wife getting calf recovery.

The climb up the cliff. Looked around for an elevator but....

carleton 01-07-14 04:43 PM

I play video games competitively (teams, leagues, etc...).

sarals 01-07-14 05:41 PM

I create chaos.

AzTallRider 01-08-14 09:47 AM

Lately, if not working or training, I'm cooking.

Cleave 01-08-14 06:28 PM

Took an extra recovery day yesterday. Just too tired at work and couldn't psyche myself up to do intervals at the track. Finished cleaning and assembling my training bike. Obviously my rest day skills fall far behind Hermes and Velo Diva.

sarals 01-08-14 11:58 PM

I vacuumed the house. Two long haired dogs, doncha know! It's very therapeutic.

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