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jpescatore 05-20-21 04:46 AM

Four County 82 mile ride
I did my annual (well, not in 2020) bike ride from our house to friends' house in Lusby MD, crossing Montgomery, Prince Georges, Anne Arundel and Calvert County. Beautiful weather for the ride, but the road debris gods decided to punish me for not bringing along my mini tire pump - got a wire shard flat at mile 52. Did a roadside tube replacement and CO2 inflation and was back in business, albeit with a squishier rear tire. A lot of the last 40 miles of this ride are on the shoulder of RT 2 and RT 4 and seemed to be an above average level of shredded tire debris this time. I could have added 3 miles and increased the climbing from 3,300 feet to 3,800 feet and avoided a lot of Rt. 2 but I decided to take the shorter route.

My wife and another couple drove down and the 6 us enjoyed deck time on the dock of our friends' house on Mill Creek, dinner in Solomon's Island and then home made blueberry pie and chocolate cake to celebrate an upcoming birthday.
The route
The Trek Domane at the Lusby end

balto charlie 05-20-21 03:20 PM

Nice, plus you had a solid pace for that distance.

I have thought about bike touring some of that route. I was thinking about riding from Catonsville to Point Lookout and camp. Currently in mediocre biking shape, many family week long events have stifled me. I have a century ride this Sunday and am slightly worried about completing it.

jpescatore 05-22-21 05:06 AM

The cardio/muscular condition I'm in only drives how long it takes me to do a long ride. The toughness of my rear end is usually what determines the agony level of the ride!

I did the 6 Pillars century in Cambridge MD this year before doing this 82 mile ride, longest had been a few 65 miles. At the 72 mile rest stop, when we got going again my rear end said "Hey, are you kidding!" The last 29 miles was real slog. Doing this 82 miler after doing 100 made it much easier.

My daughter went to St. Mary's College in So. MD - I mapped out a 100 mile or so ride down there but never did it - from Catonsville probably 120 miles? At the time I didn't like a lot of the roads for the 100 miles, probably would have lengthened it a bit.

StarBiker 06-08-21 08:57 AM

I notice what looks like a Selle SMP Saddle. Like them a lot. Have a white one, and a yellow on my F700. I don't think they are great long distance saddles.
I find I can ride on the SMP longer in cooler, or cold weather.
You might want to look into a saddle more designed for distance riding. Although the SMP is really nice.
Of course it might not be the seat I am thinking of. It looks similar.
There is an expensive SMP pro version though.
Another thing, leaning. That bike looks like it's set up so you are leaning to much. But that maybe more comfortable?

jpescatore 06-10-21 06:04 AM

I've had variety of saddles on my bikes over the years - that Selle SMP has been the most comfortable on long rides for me over the years. I've found that less saddle is more comfortable on long rides - my rear end has plenty of built in padding and padding and/or no cutout on the seat are worse. That Domane has vibration damping in the seat tube/top tube junction and it i the fork tube/top tube junction that combined with the carbon frame is pretty good on reducing road buzz.

When I bought that bike, it came with a discounted fitting session on the Retul system with a sports physiologist - really cool. My position on that bike is a good deal more upright than on my previous bike, a Trek 520. The geometry on the Domane is in the endurance cycle range, definitely not in the aero/racer leaned over range.

I also have a steel Jamis Renegade that today would be called a gravel bike. I use that for any non-paved riding, riding paved trails with my wife or any loaded touring I do these days. On that one I has Fizik seat that is more of a traditional kind of seat that seems to work better for that bike and the type of riding I do on it.

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