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selltaven 07-15-19 09:10 AM

Best Mountain Bike under $500
Can anyone suggest me a good mountain bike under $500.

Two Wheel Tango 09-18-19 08:41 AM

Have you checked out the YouTube channel KevCentral? He does a really good job breaking down affordable mountain bikes and also walks you through what cheap upgrades will make the riding experience more fun! Go check him out!

Ryan B

streetartmadrid 04-21-20 04:47 AM

following the discussion

johncroom 05-15-20 07:34 AM

It really depends on the trails but I would recommend spending a bit more - your essentially buying a bike to beat up, you want it to be decent quality!

StarBiker 05-22-20 10:01 PM

New, or used.

My Gary Fisher Cobia isn't beat up, and I plan on asking close to this price when I list it. It's not for anything very serious though.

And a modern full suspension bike will cost a grand+ for a nice used bike that's about five years old.

5 mph 09-11-20 10:13 PM

Originally Posted by selltaven (Post 21027657)
Can anyone suggest me a good mountain bike under $500.

Check craigslist and offerup in your area and get a used model that sold new for 1200.

BrNorton007 10-21-20 04:17 AM

Thanks for info!

juasonjon 12-03-20 03:07 AM

Huff hardtail best mountain bike under 500 .

Katrin955 12-24-20 06:54 AM

omg i love it!

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