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a2psyklnut 01-13-03 03:12 PM

12 Hours of Razorback! Anyone Going?
I've been reluctantly talked into this race. I would normally not have a problem, but I'm not in the shape I should be in, and I sold my XC bike and only have my heavy freeride bike. Either way, I'm going and I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun!

Trying to talk the rental units into letting my have their RV for the weekend!!!!


12 Hour of Razorback Info.

Jim311 01-17-03 05:46 AM

I ride at Razorback, but I've never raced... I think I'd rather have some races under my belt before attempting a long race like that :o

The Toninator 01-17-03 10:28 AM

you link opened my email. do you have a web adress?

a2psyklnut 01-17-03 10:51 AM

Click on "events", it's near the top!

Try this one: Razorback

I hit the @ button instead of the http: button, on my first post. Sorry. This one should work.


a2psyklnut 02-03-03 03:57 PM

This weekend. I'm in no shape for this race. Winning is out of the question, just finishing is now a consideration!

Should be fun regardless!


a2psyklnut 02-07-03 02:56 PM

Hey Jim, come down and join the fun. It should be perfect riding weather, rainy, cold and windy!


Jim311 02-09-03 11:50 AM

LOL! I was thinking of heading to Santos this weekend, but the weather just sucks. I stuck to the local trails. Was the race this weekend?

Scooby Snax 02-11-03 11:49 PM

a2, dont worry about it, I was blown away this last summer buy a guy ona Uzzi... he was runnin a chain guide, so im guessin he only had a 34t max...


then he and his 40 + lbs of bike disapeared over the crest of a hill not to be seen untill the finnish...

a2psyklnut 02-12-03 10:10 AM

Well, the race was a blast. My team didn't do too well. They kinda wimped out on me. The course was pretty physically demanding with new trails cut in (which I'd not ridden). Our female is/was a rookie and the trails scared her a bit. She fell quite a few times and was noticibly shook up after her lap. My other buddy had a bum ankle and he wasn't sure how he'd do. My bro-in-law wasn't in shape for this race, so everyone but me bailed after one lap. I did the LeMans start and a 2nd lap. Believe me, that was enough for my fat butt!

First lap was slow because of the # of people and the fact I had a mechanical. My front derailleur cable kept slipping. That's what I get for using a Demo bike from the shop. 2nd lap was much better, had the bike adjusted to fit and was more warmed up.

Rain held off for the most part on Sat. It would drizzle a bit for a few minutes and stop. Just enough to keep the trail packed down and to keep everything at camp wet! Temps were in the 40's, so us FL boys were a bit chilly!

Rained on Sunday! We were going to do some riding when we woke up, but we saw two riders coming out of the woods with mud packed tires and claiming the trails were unrideable. So, we packed up and drove home.

Got home unloaded all the gear, let it out to dry and then I jumped in the tub for a 2 hour soak!

Good Times!


Jim311 02-12-03 09:05 PM

I wanted to meet Tinker, too :(

I ended up just hitting the powerlines for a muddy ride.. I had a blast.

a2psyklnut 02-13-03 07:41 AM

One of the smoothest riders I've seen, and also the most polite. Wasn't really a big fan of his, but he is definately a Gentleman Cyclist.

Didja know Gary Fisher was there too? I always thought he was a hippy freak, but turned out he's really down to earth and a nice guy. Who Knew? Definately understands it's the Joe-Blow average guy cyclist that keeps him fed. I was impressed.


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