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punksurfer024 01-26-03 09:48 PM

florida xc races
Im just wondering if anyone knows any races in florida that i might compete in to start off. any help is appreciated, thanks.

-mike D

a2psyklnut 01-27-03 12:20 PM

This is probably the best series to get into XC racing. Races are all over the state. There is also a Southern Series for races in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. Since you're in O'Land area stick to the northern series.


a2psyklnut 01-27-03 12:27 PM

BTW, check out the posting a few lines down. It's an upcoming 12 hour race just north of Ocala. The weekend of Feb 8 & 9.


Jim311 01-28-03 10:26 PM

Check out the race in Alachua, Florida. My home is 5 minutes away from there.. so even if I don't plan on racing, I'm going to show up and look around and see what races are like. Never been to one. The trails in Alachua would be perfect for your first race... there's nothing EXTREMELY technical, so you'd have plenty of room to run. I believe the date of the race is 3-3-03... so be there or be square! Maybe we can meet up and go for a ride, eh?

Jim311 01-28-03 10:33 PM

I lied.. the race is on 3-2-03... it looks like it's going to be an awesome race. It's sponsored by Specialized, and the profits help support our local trails.. which is awesome. The course is getting really fast. It's a fairly new set of trails, but they're starting to get extremely fast and hard packed.

a2psyklnut 01-29-03 11:16 AM

Hailes Trails? Where are those? Are those the ones right next to the GatorBack MX track? If they are, that is one killer trail. Only open on Race Weekends.(At least they only used to be). I've made special trips to G-Ville on Sat's before Raceday just to ride these trails!

May have to take you up on your offer Jim. Got a place to crash? How about a lawn so I can set-up a tent?

I'll keep you informed of my availability!


Jim311 01-29-03 11:10 PM

I'm actually not sure why they called them "Hailes Trails" because they go by a different name. We call them "San Felasco" which is the name of the state preserve that the trails are located on. If you drive all the way up here, I'm sure we can work something out and get you a place to stay. It'll be my first race... so a veteran to help me shakedown will be awesome.

Jim311 01-29-03 11:21 PM

Hmm... from the looks of this they've changed the location of the race. I remember reading a flyer at my LBS that said the race was to be held in Alachua, but it clearly says it's in Gainesville. I don't exactly know where Hailes Trails are.... but I'm pretty sure I know the type of terrain and where they might be located at. I'm deffinitely up for riding them. Maybe I've been missing out on a Gainesville mountain biking gem!

a2psyklnut 01-31-03 12:36 PM


so a veteran to help me shakedown will be awesome.
LOL, veteran? Me? Dude, you are so off base with that thought process.

I have raced a couple of times, it's fun, but not something I do all the time. Training for racing takes the fun out of riding for me!

I just like to go ride, have fun, stop and enjoy the scenery, ...etc.


Jim311 02-03-03 11:18 PM

That's mostly what I'm into. But I like to keep in shape.. lately I've been training.. but I don't really call it training. More like riding as much as possible :)

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