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dirtbikedude 04-16-03 06:01 PM

NORBA Nationals
Any one here going to the Nationals at Big Bear May 15-18? It is a great race with long runs. They will also be holding there first mountai-X race and the course will be designed so us amatures have a better time clearing the jumps and such.

Dannihilator 04-21-03 10:26 PM

Sounds like fun, but I won't be doing it. Taking a break from racing this summer.

Joe Pozer 04-28-03 07:38 PM

Can you purchase a single event NORBA license?

dirtbikedude 04-28-03 08:05 PM

Hey JP, I believe you can. I will check for you. Most NORBA events sell a 1 day license. What races do you want to enter? I am doing the 4X and the DH.


Joe Pozer 05-02-03 07:08 PM


Originally posted by dirtbikedude
Hey JP, I believe you can. I will check for you. Most NORBA events sell a 1 day license. What races do you want to enter? I am doing the 4X and the DH.


Thanks for checking...

I'll be doing the DH (beginner) race. Never been to big bear so I figure this would be a good excuse to head down there. PLus, with the way things are going, it may be the last ever NORBA race at BB.

dirtbikedude 05-02-03 07:17 PM

Hey JoeP.

Yes. You can purchase a one day event license. I just got the info from Team Big Bear.

You will enjoy it. The courses there are fun, technical but nothing unrideable and very fast. Also, use tires that work well in soft sand. Most all the switchbacks are very soft. If you can get through the turns smoothly you will place pretty well.

Send me an email if you go and we could meet up.


EastCoastBomber 05-07-03 01:48 PM

Hey dbdude, I was told you have to be pro to run 4 cross @ the Norba nat's? Is that true? We have the Mt Snow event here on the East side in June.

dirtbikedude 05-07-03 06:17 PM

Not here. Team Big Bear is running their own 4X and is going to tone the jumps down a bit so the non-pros can run the course. They will be holding 4 or 5 4X this summer. I know last year NORBA only allowed pros to race it but I think they saw a groing interest in the 4X so they are opening it up for the rest of us. I will have to double check with them.


Joe Pozer 05-08-03 11:31 AM

hey db...Thanks for the info. I called BB a couple of days ago and registered.
I'll send you an e-mail next week so we can meet up. I'll be there Friday through Sunday.


dirtbikedude 05-08-03 03:19 PM

Sounds good. See you then.


EastCoastBomber 05-12-03 07:14 AM

dbdude how did u do?

dirtbikedude 05-12-03 04:00 PM


dbdude how did u do
The Nationals are this week. 15th - 18th. I will let you know next week. I did however take third in the Cal State race a few weeks ago. It was fun even though they guy that won was a sand bagger. Well, not a sand bagger but a whole damn dump truck. His time was comparable to the top experts.


EastCoastBomber 05-13-03 01:13 PM

dbdude good luck, make sure u post updates. I'm interested, I'm new to the mt. bike comp scene & don't know crap. We have NCS #3 @ Mt. Snow & I'm gonna try a wack at it. My 1st race will be @ Plattekill, NY June 7.

James Webb 05-15-03 03:17 PM

I would love to go I lived in CA for 3 years (29 palms) I road big-bear all the time love that place but I live in TX now and the drive suxxxxxxxxxxxxx! have fun and post updates!!!!!

dirtbikedude 05-20-03 07:41 PM

Aside from one death, four or five broken clavicals, one broken spine(the guy had surgury on Monday, he should be up and rinding in a few months) a lot of crashes AND not to mention the WORST race I have ever in my life had:mad: , the weekend was not too bad. The Pro/Expert course was very fast with a lot of jumps and one 6' drop but it could be rolled if needed. The step-downs at the bottom were a bit intimidating but doable if you hit them with speed.

Tracy Mosley(KONA) won the womens DH, Eric Carter won the mens DH and the 4X while Steve Peat took second in the DH by mear 1/100's of a sec and was knocked out of the 4X in the third round.

The Sport/Beginner course was very dull. It had some long (for a dh course) pedaling section, some super tight twisties through the trees and a section of jumps that were too far apart to double but to close to hit them with any real speed.

As for my run. Lets just pretend it never happened and leave it at that.

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