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FreeRider69 06-08-03 10:44 PM

new freerider
this is just a begginer trying to make a new thread, is it true that race face is going down hill? as in to the crap hole? this is what i heard, i need a crank set with a bash gaurd can any one help me? hope fully in around 300$ i am also interested in joining the 24 hours of adrenalin at hardwood hils any one want anouther rider?

Scooby Snax 06-17-03 03:02 PM

Nick, do you have a post on the message board for hardwood?
Thats how we picked up a rider last year.

Good luck

Maelstrom 06-17-03 03:13 PM

WHOA!!!..Raceface going to the they have some problems with this years bottom brackets but their other products are for beasts... the bearing quality was lacking so they have had some issues.

Right now my dream bike would be to have an fsa bb with raceface cranks and sram drive train with an evil dual I need money :)

Scooby Snax 06-17-03 06:28 PM

Mael, what have you heard about their BBs?

Mine has a bit of a squeek to it. But then its their cheapest ISIS, so I dont expect all that much.

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