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mekki 07-02-03 06:17 PM

Wold Cup Event Question
This is a pretty dorky question, but here goes: There's World Cup MTB event here in a couple of weeks and I really, really want to buy a jersey, t-shirt, etc... from one of the teams, Merida, that is fairly obscure in North America.

Do the teams set up tables and sell this stuff?


dirtbikedude 07-02-03 07:50 PM

Some teams may have a few jerseys they could sell you but I have never realy seen them advertise them.

Also, most of the big teams will have huge pit areas so just walk up to them and ask.

Let us know how the race goes and get some good pics.

:beer: :beer:

cryptid01 05-17-04 06:20 PM


edit-looks like sourcing them might be difficult after all. Fresh duds, though. :p

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