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Bike Collector 09-28-03 11:45 AM

This was my first year racing, so I entered the "Beginner" class of the Midwest Fat Tire Series. After several races of placing middle of the pack, I've noticed the points leader is CONSISTENTANTLY winning by several minutes over the rest of the field. I figured this was a gentleman's sport and thought one would realize that they are in the wrong class and graciously move up. Alas, it's the end of the season, and this has not occurred. I was wondering......

1. Is this a problem in other races/race series?
2. How are these problems dealt with?

Hunter 09-28-03 12:35 PM

No whoever this person is needs to switch up!

Bike Collector 09-28-03 12:46 PM

You would think the promotors would do that.... they haven't.

Maelstrom 09-28-03 12:56 PM

IS it the promoters job to push athletes up? you said it is a gentlemans sport. If he doesn't do it on his own and there is a general consensus, could you approach him?...

Bike Collector 09-28-03 01:43 PM

I guess we probably could. I just tossed this out to see what the forum thought. It's the end of season, he's bought himself his little trophy, so now he'll move on. Can't wait to see if he races next year.

Jim311 10-05-03 04:22 PM

I have a solution...

Ride faster


sscyco 10-05-03 10:06 PM

I've raced for close to 10 years now - and the only time I've been in a race when there isn't a sandbagger is... er... when I win. :D

jmeitz 10-12-03 03:17 PM

His name wouldnt be Marc Larue would it? beginner 30-39. If so he is moving to sport next year.

SamDaBikinMan 10-12-03 06:57 PM

If you consistently lead the feild by a few minutes you definitely need to move up.

You could also break it down to per mile gaps. I'd say if someone is making a steady 15 second gap per mile on a course they are in the wrong class.

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