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Jim311 12-07-03 10:58 AM

Florida XC Championship Series (Reddick, FL)
Anybody from the board going to be racing at Reddick this upcoming weekend? I rode the course this weekend and was considering it. If it's not too cold I might try my luck at it.

Jim311 12-07-03 08:29 PM

I just checked the weather forecast.. looks like we might have some rain this time next week! Could be a muddy race!


Jim311 12-13-03 11:33 AM

Yep, looks like it's going to be a bit chilly and wet tomorrow! 70 percent chance of rain in the morning. The course will be super slick by the time the experts finish running it.

a2psyklnut 12-15-03 02:14 PM

So Jim, How'd you do?

It was a bit chilly and wet. How many laps did you have to do? What category did you race?


Jim311 12-17-03 06:06 PM

I didn't race. I decided the weekend before that the course kicked my ass much too badly to be able to be competitive, and the mud/cold sorta dissuaded me as well. Razorback is tough enough when it's dry.

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