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MikeOK 01-21-04 08:00 PM

thoughts on NORBA?
Okay, let me start by saying that I raced mtn bikes years ago when NORBA had nothing to do with the USCF. I also have a very close riding friend who is a NORBA licensed official, and is very active with the USCF. I have other older friends who raced with me "back when" NORBA was for mountin bike racing period. Some of them quit racing when USA Cycling bought out NORBA. I still race, but have mixed emotions about how the USCF handles offroad as a sideline to the road racing. Just look at their web site and it's obvious where their priorities lie.

One point I would like to make, did you know that until recently, NORBA had a rule that stated they would yank your license if you were caught racing an "outlaw" (non-NORBA sanctioned) race?

This is not meant to be a troll post. I am struggling to decide if I agree with the old school racers or if the new NORBA really has mountain bike racing as a high enough priority.

Dannihilator 01-22-04 04:08 AM

Norba has been screwed up for awhile, but it seems that the new groups that is handling this case are indeed trying to get the situation reparied and under control. But until they do, I feel that norba is kind of null and void. Either they split the series up and let DH, 4x and Dual Slalom start running under the bmx racing series, and let cross country keep running under norba, or they better get themselves marketable again. Don't know how that can be done. WHat I do know though is that NORBA needs to be redone badly.

a2psyklnut 01-22-04 09:59 AM

Personally, I think Norba should cease and desist.

The local race series here that is Norba sanctioned is pitiful. The cost alone scares most people away.($50 + just for registration, not to mention food, gas, lodging...etc.) Plus, the races are held at a different trail each race all over the state every other weekend. To compete for a state title, you have to drive thousands of miles a season.

I'd like to see mountain bike racing adopt what NBL and ABA have done with BMX racing. Small races at the local track,(trails) every weekend. I mean, if there was a race every other Sun. at my local trail that was a three lap event, and only cost $10 or $15 (don't need another T-shirt, thanks), I'd be much more inclined to race. Then, if I wanted to race another trail, I could elect to travel for events on my off weekends. Points would be awarded for each race, then a State Race could be held with the top twenty racers from each category at a different trail each season. You would then get a state ranking and could attend a National event (via invitation only). The more often you race, the more points you are awarded and the better your chances of making the state invitaional. If you do well, then you can compete at the national event.

There are several events like this happening this year down here in FL. There is a race called the 8to5 series which are a series of 5 or 6, 8-hour races. Teams or solo.

There is another series call "Red Trail Races" which are smaller races but the routes are the most technical trails at the different locations.

These two are non-Norba events and better liked than Norba ones.


dirtbikedude 01-22-04 07:39 PM


One point I would like to make, did you know that until recently, NORBA had a rule that stated they would yank your license if you were caught racing an "outlaw" (non-NORBA sanctioned) race?
They put this rule in a few years back. They did not enforce it for the local races. They wanted, for some dumb arse reason to keep the top us pros from compeating in the world cup events.


To compete for a state title, you have to drive thousands of miles a season.
If you do not race all over the state then how could you have a state champ?
Races should be held at different locations with different course designs. Having to drive all over is just a part of racing. They could do it like they do the National championship but I do not like the idea that you only have to run one race to become the champ for that season.

From what I have been hearing NORBA should be a lot diff. this coming season. If it anything like it has been then I will stop racing any of their series and just do the Chapionship race at Mammoth in Aug. and the Sea Otter in April. Other then that I will stay with our local club. Much better organization, more competition and half the price.


MikeOK 01-25-04 08:13 PM

another question
This will open a can of worms. The rule they have that says no help for your fellow competitors, what is the term they use for that rule? You know the one that says that if you receive any kind of mechanical help during a race from anybody that you are disqualified? If anybody has a link to NORBA's rules I would like to read that one, I have not been able to find it. At least I would like to know exactly how it reads before I give my real opinion of it. This all stems from a group of my friends who I've ridden with off and on for years, and these guys absolutely hate NORBA, even to the point of racing only so called "outlaw" events. Most of the area series races are NORBA in my area. As of yet I am riding the fence but would like to know more, I would like to be able to talk these guys into racing again. And maybe start a little chatter on the net to try to fix it (if it truly needs to be fixed).

scubagirl 03-10-04 12:33 PM

5.3 / 5.4 (PG 19)

We in Texas are having the first National race (that I know of) next weekend in Waco. They are using different age categories than what TMBRA does. That doesn’t seem right.

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