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jkittlesen 05-26-04 04:04 PM

Would I notice a big difference in performance upgrading my crankshaft to Shimano XT or take the big leap to XTR ?

I don't stress a bike alot, riding in control for the most part.

Endo 06-15-04 05:15 PM

If you have the money, XTR is worth it for the chainrings alone. The BB style on 2003 and 2004 is amazing as well (XT includes this for 2004 also.)

If not, try a 2004 Raceface Evolve XC crank and an ISIS BB. It is as good as RaceFace's most expensive cranks, and only costs around $100.

I like the XT cranks, and that is what I am currently using, but the Raceface is much better.

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