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craigcraigcraig 05-25-09 01:32 PM

how to get into racing?
After riding road bikes for a couple years i have been on the trails recently and want to try an amatuer race or soemthing for some fun competition. Was curious as how to find MTB races to enter. I am in Austin, Texas if that helps any.

C Law 05-26-09 06:21 AM

my suggestion would be to go to a MTB oriented LBS and ask them about a local race series. Show up and kill it.

or maybe look into a local MTB association. They usually hold events/races

craigcraigcraig 05-27-09 11:26 AM

cool, i'll go ask around and see if i can jump in one.

Porkchopwi 06-06-09 02:20 PM

You may find this useful to finding events near you:

Looks like most of the TX (USAC) season is gone...
Have fun!

benajah 09-11-09 12:02 AM

US CYCLING? Register and race, its a hel of a lot of fun.

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