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Korgil 09-01-09 12:08 PM

Different Race Types?
What are all of the different race types and what do they encompass?

There is:
Cross Country(XC) - 10+ mile up and down hill riding?
Short Track XC (STXC) 10- Mile up and down hill?
Down Hill(DH) Fast, technical, drops, all downhill, (length?)
Mountain Cross(MX) ??
and Super D ??

Any other events?
And what are the catagories?
Open, Pro, Cat1-3.
I guessing Pro is the most competitive
Cat 1 is more competitive then Cat 3?
Open is more competitive then Cat 1 and less then Pro?

Is any of that correct of am I just swinging in the breeze?

CaseLawZ28 09-08-09 08:41 PM

Pro, 1, 2, 3

More Types:
Endurance, Marathon, 4 Cross, Dual Slalom, Gravity, Observed Trials

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