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shaderider 09-01-09 12:18 PM

I need help (understatement)
Long story

I am rather new to Mountain bikes <4 years. I have been riding all my life though. I used to ride BMX and did dirt jumping until a bad back injury changed that. I got a mountain bike thinking I was going to be the king of the mountain. I got a Gary Fisher Mullet thinking that it would serve its purpose for me well. I got that bike specifically because I thought I would be doing some jumping and sorts on it, but I have not. I have since set the bike up for a more cross country bike. I am riding cross country all the time and do absolutely no big air or jumps. Maybe a few drops. I want to get into 12 hour 24 hour races. I have been looking at new fs bikes but do not have the money to drop on one right now. specifically the Kona Hei Hei. I have a multi part question for those that are into these races. Do you all think that the Gary fisher set up is sufficient for these races. I have it set up with sram x 9 manitou black fork shimano lx crank. I am really comfy on this bike and have spent upwards of 5 hours on it no problem. Should I bite the bullet and just go all in and get the Kona? Is the Kona hei hei a good bike for this. Any suggestions on a bike? looking at the $3000 range when its time to buy. Any other comments or suggestions welcome.

p.s. I have searched all the other threads and found numerous older threads that have similar topics. So yes I did search and yes I still felt the need to post a new thread. :thumb:

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