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Smallguy 10-22-09 03:21 PM

do you have race only shoes?
I seem to have a habit of destroying shoes... from sneakers to dress shoes

anyway recently my mtb shoes which are a little over a year old but probably have quite a few miles on them form daily rides endurance races and regular 2 hour races... the soles seem fine but the insoles are worn and hurt my feet

it was suggested to be to maybe try buying a new pair of Race only shoes and then trying some insoles in my old shoes to see if I can prolong them a little longer

does anyone else do this?

apclassic9 10-23-09 03:23 PM

This might sound strange, but you could also find some growing teenaged MTBer's who's feet are getting bigger than yours & take thier slightly used shoes.... then rotate shoes.

My kid raced from age 7 to 16, and I know I passed on lots on really nice shoes - at least 2 pairs per season, because he just kept growing! I think I'll have a set of size 45's to pass along come spring (MTB & Road).

dirtbikedude 11-14-09 08:32 AM

Ride in what you race and visa versa.
1 year of constant riding and racing is pretty good for a single pair of shoes. I would suggest getting two or three pairs of the same shoe and rotate them every ride. That way the shoes get comfortable and you know they will not bother your feet when you race.
Does not have to be the same shoe but a minimum of two pairs of riding shoes that you rotate frequently.


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