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Smallguy 10-05-10 06:33 AM

race only wheel set...Mavic Crossmax ST
my buddy is selling a set of crossmax ST wheels

not sure of the price but I was looking for some SLR's

he usually will give me great deals since he owns a shop so i'm considering the ST's

I believe the 2008 wheels are 1650 grams according to a review

I'm 205 ad will be 190 for next race season

so are theses good race only wheels?

Cutbert 02-26-11 07:24 AM

They are EXCELLENT race only wheels. I just bought a set of Crosstrails, wish I spent the extra $$ on the Crossmax wheels though! I love these wheels! I lost nearly a 1/4 lb on the rear wheel alone! And in the repair stand the spin goes on forever..... They will stay true for a long time due to the spoke arrangement.

By the way, they don't have to be race only - they are great XC wheels also so good for those training rides as well.

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