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godsang 01-28-11 01:24 PM

Does anyone stalk their competition?
Do any racers stalk their competion? By this I mean, do you look up who is registered in your class and then look up their past race times? My thought is this: If person X signs up to race and you don't know them, but you know you usually beat person Y, and you can see that Person Y usually beats person X, then there's a good probability that you will beat person X.

I do this because I'd like to set me racing goals realistically. I know that I'll arrive on race day and do my best, but it's something that I find fun to do as the race day approaches. I think about the competitors while I train and it helps me stay focused.

Does anyone take it farther and look up their competitors on Facebook? Depending on how privacy settings are set, you may see their wall or pictures. This can give an indication if biking is a huge part of their lives, if they post about their training plans, if they think they'll win their next race.... Not saying I do this, I'm just saying......

My team mates were appalled when I let it slip that I've looked up my competitors. Now they just laugh. But I have a funny feeling that many other racers out there do the same things I do!

scottmorrison99 04-04-11 12:51 AM

Around here some people watch their competition on You can even see how much training they are doing on the bike, etc. I know of a couple of people watching me on Strava because often do the same courses I do, a day or two after I do.

Mose 04-08-11 11:21 AM

Yeah, I don't do this... but I'm slow as a rock rolling uphill and when I race, I just try to pace myself well, ride well, and end up where I end up. Maybe if my results start improving I'll start taking more interest :p

Smallguy 04-08-11 01:56 PM

I don't stalk my competition but the scene here is so small we all know each other

I do look at people I know who are marginal faster than me last year and aim to beat their times last on the same course this season.

BloomBikeShop 09-27-11 09:04 PM

You better believe it! All serious racers do it. It's like a football team watching footage of their next opponent - just standard procedure.

The WC Cyclist 05-15-12 11:47 PM

I find Strava helpful for this. Especially when I've done a big block of training and little racing. I can compare Strava segment times with people quicker and slower and then check our clubs race results to see where they sitting. That way I can get a rough idea of any fitness gains from my training. Strava can be a very powerful training tool.
I am also known to google my competition and try to cross reference them with strava to get an idea of my chances, or how much I need to improve my fitness before the event. This has tactical benefits by knowing what your key opponents are capable of

Debusama 05-31-12 10:43 PM

Hell yes, not as much for mountain bike races, but definitely in bigger road races where more than just the local racers who I already know will show up. I even go so far as to Google them to find pictures so I’ll be able to pick them of the crowd. When a break happens it’s good to know if the people in it have a chance of making it stick. I also like to know who the contenders are and which wheels to mark.

A few weeks ago when I pointed out a pothole the guy on my wheel, who I didn’t know from Adam, addressed me by name when he thanked me for pointing out the hole. I guess the stalking goes both ways. There’s nothing wrong with scouting out the competition.

tollhousecookie 01-09-13 09:04 PM

I stalk myself...:ride:

[email protected] 04-02-13 04:58 PM

I've done this, mostly to gauge how badly I'm going to get beaten:(

RoadMike 06-21-13 10:16 PM

haven't you noticed all the accounts with fake names on strava? stalking is why. And yes, I do it.

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