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sloar 04-21-13 08:42 AM

question and advise for new race bike
i'm looking to get into mountain bike racing. i live in central indiana so no mountains or even big hills involved. i will start out with the bike i have now, 1998 trek y-glide full xtr with spin mags. i plan on getting a new bike later this summer but unsure which would be best for racing. i will most likely be buying from a shop that carries cannondale, trek and giant and my budget will be around $2,500. i havent ridden a new mountain bike since i bought mine in 98 but the full suspension bikes that they offer now just looks to heavy and bulky to be a good race machine in my type of environment. i'm sure i'm wrong about that, but thats just how they appear to me. i think im leaning more towards a 29'' hardtail. i would love to get something light. what are your opinions on the info i just gave? thanks

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