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mpe104 04-19-15 09:09 PM

Best 29er under $600
In hte market for a 29er but not too sure which is the best bang for my buck. Any advice? I have too many bikes to begin with, but looking for a nice 29er.


gsa103 04-19-15 09:41 PM

What do you consider bang for the buck? Do you need maintenance and support from your local bike shop?

Airborne Guardian (online only) is highly recommended $600 bike. Performance Bike usually has GT 29ers on-sale for around that price with decent specs. Same for REI if you use a 20% off coupon on a Novarra. There's always Bikes Direct.

The Trek Marlin series are decent value as well.

mpe104 04-19-15 10:14 PM

Good call, forgot about REI. I didn't mean benefits from the store themselves, just the best value bike. Thanks

Troggie 04-21-15 06:05 PM

I just picked up a Diamondback Overdrive Comp 29er from for a little over 600 due to shipping when they had a 20% off sale. They have an Overdrive Sport as well. You can normally test ride the basic Overdrive at Sport Chalet or Sport Authority that has the same frame geometry.

hueyhoolihan 04-21-15 07:26 PM

okay it's a couple hundred bucks more, but i see one on display outside the local Sports Basement store, and it looks like a lot of bike for the price, IMO.

edit: i take it back. that Diamondback above looks awfully good to me.

mpe104 04-22-15 06:34 AM

Thanks everybody for the input. After trying out tons of bikes at different locations around town, I went with the Scott Aspect 950 in a medium sized frame for $549

The Aspect 950 has everything I need in order to enjoy a ride off road and also keep up with my girlfriend on paved paths. The one non negotiable for me was a lockout and that is what made a lot of other bikes not an option. It also has hydraulic dick brakes which are a plus and something I hadn't seen on any other bike I tried out. Upgrades in the near future will be some new pedals and possible new grips. Also plan on getting a pair of 28c tires for longer trips on pavement, and a possibly an upgraded fork in the future as well. Thanks again everyone.

hueyhoolihan 04-22-15 08:54 AM

nice typo! :lol:

mpe104 04-23-15 05:45 AM

Originally Posted by hueyhoolihan (Post 17740902)
nice typo! :lol:

LMFAO I don't think I should even edit that. Good catch

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