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remotelocal 05-03-15 07:24 PM

wheels, wheels, wheels... and wheels. (wheels).
So... wheels.

I've got a 27.5 dual susp bike. I'm looking to get a second set of wheels so I can swap out general daily runners (lots of pavement) for a set of decent wheels for trail riding. my current wheels are deore (not XT) hubs with WTB rims that came stock on my Kona. they're fine.

So, i've swung as high as the mavic enduros and XTR m9020 trail wheels in my musings, but the reality is I can pop down to the local store and get a set on mavic rims laced to XT hubs for half the price of those two wheelsets. Can they really be worth it?

my wants are: light-ish (not at the expense of value), UST or similar (definitely going tubeless), centerlock hubs ideally, as I already have a nice set of RT99 icetech rotors and that's about it. I like the idea of a 21-23mm rim. Plan to run a Hans Dampf 2.35 in front and a Racing Ralph 2.25 in the back.

your thoughts please.

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