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mxwolf 06-20-02 12:24 PM

Norco Wolverine
Ya , I am currently Thinking about buying a 2002 Norco Wolverine and Was wondering what your opinions where on about this bike and if you had exsperiance with it and what your thoughts are about this bike, thanx.

KleinMp99 06-20-02 04:40 PM

Its pretty cheap, cheap parts, thats all there is to know about it. It could be used for moderate xc trails.

mxwolf 06-21-02 10:33 AM

Now As a Alternative Possibility I was Considering Buying The Norco Screamer , I Know Some/ Most Conponents Are Cheap But I Need A basic Bike For Now And Upgrade Down The Road , What Do You Guys think About The Norco Screamer ???

KleinMp99 06-22-02 04:23 PM

The screamer would be in a category 1 step up from a Sht-mart bike.

mxwolf 06-22-02 10:00 PM

Ya After Browsing Through The Screamer's Conponests I realized That it is crap And I was Want to get the wolverine and possibly up - grade it in he future.

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