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mike 06-26-02 08:07 PM

Drop bars on a mountain bike
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I noticed this pic showing a mountain bike outfitted with drop bars.

It is from the 1988 bookThe Mountain Bike Book by Rob Van der Plas.

The caption said"Look, no wide handlebars (nor special shifting and a few other of today's popular gadgets). This is Bridgestone's MB1: strong, light, agile and equipped with the pick of no-nonsense components."

I am especially posting this for Bikes-N-Drums who asked about drop extensions for his mountain/cross bike which he is using for commuting.

Kinda cool, except I would have the shifter cables follow along the handlebar to the stem and then down instead of the goofy arrangement of the original Bridgestone MB1.

Neat old school stuff.

Rich 06-27-02 02:48 AM

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There was a huge shift towards drop handle bars after John Tomac switched to improve his road cycling skills back in 1990.

I don't think I'd trust them going downhill, still Tomac didn't seem to have any problems :D

Here's a piccy of classic Tomac Attack!!!


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